Ray Fisher May Still Have A Future Playing A Superhero

Is Ray Fisher open to playing in future superhero movies after all?

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Is it somehow possible that after all the conflict between Ray Fisher and DC Films that he could play a superhero again? That unfortunately has felt unlikely. Even more unlikely has been the possibility of seeing him return as Cyborg. However, in a new interview, it sounds like things behind the scenes may be different than they were a few months ago.

Now, Empire has interviewed Ray Fisher and the possibilities have changed. This is all due to the work of director Andy Muschietti. As the director for The Flash, Muschietti has been in talks with Fisher. The actor says that the director seems like he knows how to tell the story well and that he believes in Muschietti’s ability to focus on the relationships in the story, making the superpowers a secondary factor. This matches well with how the actor sees storytelling.

If you have a difficult time following what Ray Fisher is doing next, you’re not the only one. Fisher has been in conflict with WarnerMedia for a while now. This mostly surrounds Joss Whedon’s abusive behavior on the set of Justice League and WarnerMedia’s slow and vague follow-up on that situation. Briefly, it looked like Fisher’s character, Cyborg, was all set to appear in Ezra Miller’s The Flash movie. Then, a few months ago, Fisher said that he could not in good conscience work on something involving Walter Hamada again. Walter Hamada is the president of DC Films. This rules out playing Cyborg again. Right?

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But perhaps something we don’t know about has happened between Hamada and Fisher, or maybe Fisher has decided to focus solely on directors for projects in order to play a character he enjoys. Whatever the case, he is now reconsidering picking up the role of Cyborg again.

This does not yet mean that Ray Fisher is signed on for The Flash or any other projects. It does mean that the actor said it would be a “bummer” if they can’t find a way to resolve issues so he can return to the role. It also means he is interested in working with Andy Muschietti. If something does happen to bring Fisher as Cyborg on board for The Flash, it will need to happen soon. Production has actually already begun in London.

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This is fairly intense since casting decisions still seem to be being made. Ray Fisher is possibly being brought on. Michael Keaton is possibly returning as Batman, but it’s been put in doubt. It sounds like the crew may be in London and making decisions close up to the day of filming. After delays due to the coronavirus pandemic, it sounds like they’re willing to keep things moving no matter what they have to do on the go.

If Ray Fisher does appear in The Flash, will this open the door for more projects bringing Cyborg back? Once upon a time, there was a discussion of a solo movie for Cyborg. While that feels like a very long time ago indeed, small appearances in the DC Cinematic Universe are the best way to reopen that door again. We likely won’t have long to wait to see if Fisher does end up with a roll in The Flash after all, and then what that leads to for the actor’s relationship with the studio.