Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Reveals New Villain In First Look

By Nina Phillips | Published

pretty Little Liars Season 2

The spin-off of Pretty Little Liars, called Original Sin, will soon have a second season. Pretty Little Liars Season 2 continues the story shortly after the first season ends but with a brand-new villain. Based on the first look and hints by the creators, Season 2’s villain will be a scarier and darker villain than the first.

Bloody Rose

pretty Little Liars Season 2

Co-creators Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Lindsay Calhoon Bring–both alums of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Riverdale) were excited to share information about Pretty Little Liars Season 2, and the main villain. The villain will be a woman and will be much scarier than A in Season 1. While A was already a terrifying villain, the creators feel confident they can take it a step further in the second season.

The Pretty Little Liars Season 2 villain will go by the name, “Bloody Rose,” and might be tied to A. The creators aren’t worried about spoiling much, as fans will find out quite a bit about Bloody Rose in episode one of Season 2. More than mystery, horror and thrills are the name of the game in the second season.

A Female Figure Of Horror

Robert Aquirre-Sacasa offered up this information about the villain in Pretty Little Liars Season 2 during an interview with Cosmopolitan: “Our villain is a female figure of horror, which is something we really wanted to explore in our female-centered horror show.

“We also wanted our villain to feel quite apocalyptic and terrifying. And because most of our season is set during summer—besides taking inspiration from our favorite slashers—we wanted it to feel a little more apocalyptic, like something like The Texas Chain Saw Massacre or even Midsommar.

Scarier Than Season 1

The other creator, Bring, added some information of her own: “The scares are a bit bigger, and badder and bolder. We do have a new a new villain who possibly is connected to Archie Waters, as we’ll learn early on in episode 1. Roberto and I and our writers are all very obsessed with Creepypasta, so we love sort of having our own website. And this horror villain is going to test every one of the girls and they’ll go on their own personal journey.”

They mentioned movies such as Halloween II, Friday the 13th Part 2, and Scream 2 as some of their inspiration for their second-season antagonist.

Picking Things Up Immediately

pretty Little Liars Season 2

Pretty Little Liars Season 2 picks up directly after Season 1. Despite the new title, Pretty Little Liars: Summer School, the story will continue exactly as a second season, and not a separate story.

Many of the main characters of the first season will appear again in Pretty Little Liars Season 2. Bailee Madison, Chandler Kinney, Zarioa, Maia Reficco, Mallory Bechtel, and Sharon Leal are just some of the returning cast. There will also be some new actors joining the series, including new love interests for your favorite liars.

Original Sin And Season 2 Release

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin is a spin-off of the original series. If you want to watch the original, as well as the first season of the spin-off, you’re in luck, as they are both available on Max.

There is no exact release date for Pretty Little Liars Season 2 as of yet. It will likely be released sometime this year, though, possibly as early as the end of spring. When it does air, fans will find the season on Max, alongside the first season.