President Trump Voices Support For Releasing Delayed Theatrical Movies On Streaming Platforms

Last night #FreeBlackWidow was endorsed by President Trump with a tweet

By Liana Keane | Updated

Trump Streaming Movies

A few weeks ago here on GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT we kicked off a fan movement called #FreeBlackWidow.  Since Black Widow was one of the first and biggest movies to have its release date bumped, we figure it’s the right place to start. Our aim is to convince Disney to release Black Widow streaming digitally, rather than waiting until 2021 in the hopes that movie theaters will some day be a thing again. 

As the days and weeks have passed, #FreeBlackWidow has been gathering steam.  Recently the strategy of releasing these theatrical films digitally was endorsed by Black Widow star David Harbour.  We’ve watched as each day dozens and dozens of Tweets are sent by our fans to Disney and the #FreeBlackWidow hashtag on Twitter imploring Disney to set Black Widow’s solo movie free.

And now the whole thing has changed from building steam to blowing up huge. Last night #FreeBlackWidow was endorsed by President Trump with this tweet…

President Trump no doubt sees what we’ve been seeing since the beginning.  This is about more than movies, the psychology of an entire nation of people under quarantine could be at stake.

It was only a few weeks ago that we still had movie theaters open and movies in them.  The spring movie season was just about to get started and the summer movie season was getting closer. Going to the movies was about to get really fun.  

Summer promised to kick off big with Black Widow, followed by a stream of huge, fun, summer blockbusters we’d all buy tickets for and enjoy with our friends.And then the Coronavirus hit. Movie theaters closed with no clue as to when they’ll open. Movies have been cancelled and rescheduled till who knows when.

Now we’re all trapped in our houses with nothing to do but stare at our computer screens and television sets. Many of you haven’t left your homes in weeks and your Netflix queue is wearing pretty thin.  

A few content providers have responded by releasing digital content earlier, but those big movies we were looking forward to?  Now they’re all gone.

Most of these should-have-been-released movies (like Ghostbusters: Afterlife most recently) have had their release dates delayed until 2021.  We’ll be waiting a year to see them, while we’re trapped in our houses growing increasingly lonely with nothing to take our mind off the troubles of the world around us… unless. 

We’re not asking Hollywood to give their movies away for free. I doubt that’s something President Trump would ask of them either. If you’re Disney, you can drop Black Widow on Disney Plus and use it as a way to drive more subscriptions. If you’re a company like Warner Bros., you can release Wonder Woman 1984 on Amazon and charge premium prices for viewers to stream a digital copy. 

Hollywood, we’re willing to pay for you to #FreeBlackWidow. We just want to see it. You can support the movement to get movies released streaming in your home by simply CLICKING HERE.

The President has spoken. Let the movies stream.