Pokemon Netflix Series Proves Where The Franchise Needs To Go

By Douglas Helm | Published

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Netflix’s stop-motion animated series Pokemon Concierge is one of the most delightful things the Pokemon franchise has put out in years. And it manages to be easily charming and captivating without implementing any of the battling that the franchise was built on. While there is always going to be Pokemon anime that focuses on trainers and battling, it would be nice to see a lot more shows like Concierge in the future.

Pokemon Concierge Is Different Than The Franchise

Pokemon Concierge follows Haru, voiced by The Boys star Karen Fukuharu in the English dub, who is the newest concierge at the Pokemon Resort. Haru’s goal is to provide Pokemon guests with a wonderful and relaxing experience. But Haru also learns to relax and find some peace in her own life, too.

Pokemon Concierge is incredibly low-stakes, chill, and cozy. In other words, it’s not very similar to any other anime that Pokemon has released before. In fact, the closest analog would be the short film Pikachu’s Vacation.

Relaxing, But Not Boring

But, low stakes and a relaxing atmosphere does not mean the show is boring by any means. Pokemon Concierge’s bite-sized episodes and breezy four-episode length make it easily bingeable, and Haru’s story with the various Pokemon on the island is both relatable and compelling. Best of all, it gives us a completely new perspective on what a Pokemon anime can be.

Pokemon Doesn’t Need All Of The Battles

It’s great to see how Pokemon move around the world and interact beyond just battling and being captured. The world of Pokemon is interesting on its own and doesn’t always have to lean on the gym battles, training, and other staples to get fans interested.

It doesn’t hurt that Pokemon Concierge is gorgeously animated with stop-motion, and all of the ‘mon featured in the show are incredibly adorable.

Popular On Netflix

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Pokemon Concierge was quite popular when it hit Netflix too, so fans are obviously interested in more shows like it. It would be awesome to see a show that focused on Pokemon scientists, like Professor Oak and other Professors that kick off your journey in the games. Or, it would be cool to see a Pokemon-style nature documentary that showed off wild Pokemon in different biomes.

So Many Possibilities

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There are so many possibilities for the Pokemon franchise, and Pokemon Concierge was the perfect breath of fresh air that the anime needs. Since Ash Ketchum has now officially completed his journey to become the very best, like no one ever was, it’s the perfect opportunity for the Pokemon anime franchise to branch out.

The battle animes don’t have to go anywhere either, but it would be nice to have some other shows to coincide with them that do their own thing.

More Pokemon Concierge Is A Good Thing

pokemon concierge

Regardless, the success of Pokemon Concierge has at least guaranteed that we’ll get more of the Pokemon Resort because the show has been green-lit for more episodes.

More episodes of Pokemon Concierge are a good thing no matter how you slice it, but hopefully, the continued success of this show encourages the Pokemon Company to try more new things. Make sure to check out Concierge on Netflix in the meantime if you want a breezy watch.