The Most Perfect Movie Ever Made Has Been Chosen, Released In 1999

By Jessica Goudreault | Updated

Is there such a thing as a perfect movie? It’s a difficult question, but it’s one we posed on our X account to try and find an answer. While fans have been suggesting some seriously great movies, all the way from The Shawshank Redemption to Elf, the one that has gotten the most likes by far is the classic 1999 movie The Matrix starring Keanu Reeves.

On August 24, we started the thread on X (formerly Twitter) to try and determine the perfect movie. When we suggested The Matrix, the post received 39 likes from fans, surpassing all the other films in the thread. The suggestion was accompanied by a gif of Keanu Reeves stopping bullets, a famous scene from the iconic movie.

The Matrix is certainly a top choice for the most perfect movie ever made since it managed to impress critics with its thought-provoking storyline, incredible action scenes, and groundbreaking special effects. In particular, it introduced the “bullet time” effect, where Keanu Reeves does the ultimate limbo to avoid being shot by multiple bullets. This was a brand-new cinematic concept that helped the filmmakers win four Academy Awards for Best Film Editing, Best Sound, Best Sound Effects Editing, and Best Visual Effects.

One of the top contenders for the most perfect movie ever is The Princess Bride, which received 28 likes from X users. The romantic adventure film from 1987 has stolen many hearts over the past few decades, with many quoting famous lines like “As you wish” and “Anybody want a peanut?” It’s a timeless classic that can be enjoyed over and over again.

Raiders of the Lost Ark also made the top of the list with 30 likes from X users. Although it doesn’t have Keanu Reeves battling Mr. Smith in an epic subway fight, it does have Harrison Ford outrunning a giant boulder in one of the greatest opening scenes of a movie ever. The 1981 film is a favorite for many cinephiles, and it definitely belongs on the list.

Another classic film that made the list is 1993’s Jurassic Park, a Steven Spielberg cinematic masterpiece that is still going strong 30 years later. Dinosaurs are already fascinating, but this film brought them to life with brand-new CGI technology that still holds up to this day. Coupling that with a great cast, a thoroughly entertaining plot, and the dinosaurs snacking on humans, it’s no wonder this film received many likes as well.

When we followed up with X users and asked if they agreed that The Matrix is the most perfect movie ever, we got some mixed responses.

While X user @pat1526 claims that the Keanu Reeves classic is deserving of the title thanks to its epic ending, not everyone agrees. Other users felt that movies like Casablanca, Blues Brothers, The Godfather, and Ghostbusters are even more perfect.

Do you think The Matrix is the perfect movie ever made, or do you have a different film in mind? Head over to our X thread to tell us what you think!