Pedro Pascal Appearing In Next Star Wars Movie?

By Michileen Martin | 2 weeks ago

pedro pascal

Whether you love the fact that so much original content is now coming from streaming services or hate it, one could make the argument that Pedro Pascal is a big part of that change. As the lead of Disney+’s very first live-action original Star Wars series, The Mandalorian, he’s been instrumental in teaching us all what’s possible when bringing silver screen franchises to the small screen. But while his bounty hunting adventures may have begun on the small screen, Pascal has made it clear: he wants Mando to make the rocket-pack jump to the big screen.

Earlier this week, Pedro Pascal spoke to Variety at the Star Wars Celebration, and was asked when Din Djarin would show up in a movie. “That’s a good question,” Pascal said. “Don’t you think it’s inevitable?” That made it sound like the actor already knows his first movie appearance as Mando is on the way, but he quickly walked it back. “I, personally, I have no — truly — I have no idea, but that would be a dream come true,” Pascal said. He added, “Not that any more dreams could possibly come true! Maybe I’ve had my fill.” You can see the entire conversation below.

If we can trust Pedro Pascal when he says he doesn’t know when his The Mandalorian character will appear in a film — and in the post-Spider-Man: No Way Home world, who can we trust? — then that probably rules out the Game of Thrones alum’s involvement in the next Star Wars movie. At the same Star Wars Celebration where Pascal spoke to Variety, Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy confirmed that the next film to come out of the franchise will be the one directed by Taika Waititi and that it has a release window of late 2023. Considering how long post-production on a Star Wars project can take, it’s a safe bet that if Pascal were involved in that film he would at least have spoken to someone about appearing in it by now.

There is the question of exactly what a movie with the Pedro Pascal Star Wars hero would serve. After all, right now fans get eight episodes per season of The Mandalorian, with special effects and action that look just as impressive as what we see in the movies. Wouldn’t going from eight hours worth of story that captivates us for months to a movie that distracts us for two and a half hours be kind of a downgrade?

That isn’t the case according to Pedro Pascal. “I love going to the movies,” he said. “Going back and just being able to be with an audience again is one of the most important things to me. If that happens with The Mandalorian, all I can say is… please!”

Of course, one possibility is always that Pedro Pascal could appear in a Star Wars flick but not as the only — or the main — hero. Should Lucasfilm ever finally start telling stories set after the sequel trilogy, Mando could be a weathered but still formidable old warrior by then. And at the rate Grogu’s people age, by that point he might have matured enough to actually speak occasionally. Or to stop disassembling Din’s ship for toy parts.