Pedro Pascal Got His Start In One Of TV’s Longest Running Franchises

Pedro Pascal was a guest star in three different episodes of Law & Order, SVU, and Criminal Intent.

By Britta DeVore | Updated

Pedro Pascal in Law & Order

Over the last several years, Pedro Pascal has enjoyed a steady climb to the top. From a fan-favorite role in Game of Thrones to more recent work in HBO’s smash-hit series The Last of Us and Star Wars off-shoot, The Mandalorian, Pascal has quickly become a household name – not to mention the internet’s daddy. But before his leading roles, Pascal, like many other actors, broke onto the scene in a little show called Law & Order and two of its spin-off projects.

Law & Order: SVU

Pedro Pascal’s Law & Order franchise takeover started back in 2011 during the Law & Order: SVU twelfth season. During an episode titled “Smoked,” the actor stepped into the role of Special Agent Greer, a detective who found himself caught up in a case with the show’s team after a string of crimes clashed with one another. Begrudgingly working alongside Mariska Hargitay’s Olivia Benson and Christopher Meloni’s Elliot Stabler, Greer, an ATF agent, hopes to tackle the case and bring home the glory.

Pedro Pascal’s second dance with the franchise came in Law & Order’s Season 18 episode, “Tango.” The 2008 installment saw him as a much different character than his SVU appearance as this time around he was seen in the role of Tito Cabassa, a suspect in the murder of a teenager. During their investigation, Jeremy Sisto’s Detective Cyrus Lupo and Jessie L. Martin’s Detective Ed Green follow the trail and connect the dots to Tito Cabassa’s possible involvement. 

Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Finally, in 2006, Pedro Pascal appeared in the sixth season of Law & Order: Criminal Intent as yet another villain. The episode, which also starred Michelle Trachtenberg, saw a teenage blogger (Trachtenberg) kidnapped on live streaming. With Chris Noth’s Detective Mike Logan and Julianne Nicholson’s Detective Megan Wheeler on the case, the audience begins to question whether the kidnapping was real or simply staged for extra views.

Speaking of Michelle Trachtenberg, she and Pedro Pascal’s paths almost crossed much sooner than their run-in on Law & Order: Criminal Intent. The very first episode of the Sarah Michell Gellar-led hit series saw The Mandalorian star appear in a supporting one-time role as a vampire. Although she wasn’t a main character or even on the show at the time, Michelle Trachtenberg would appear as Buffy’s sister, Dawn, beginning in the next season.

Life has been undeniably wonderful for Pedro Pascal since his stint in the Law & Order universe, with each role gaining more steam than the last. While we wait for the second season of The Last of Us and the fourth season of The Mandalorian, the actor has plenty of other projects lined up for us to sink our teeth into. First, he’ll appear in Ethan Coen’s comedy road trip film, Drive-Away Dolls, where he’ll star alongside the likes of Margaret Qualley, Colman Domingo, Geraldine Viswanathan, and more. 

There’s also his highly-anticipated entrance into the world of battle royale in Gladiator 2 which will see him alongside the likes of Paul Mescal, Denzel Washington, and Connie Nielsen in a new story set in the Gladiator universe. Finally, he’s just wrapped production on both The Uninvited and Freaky Tales, neither of which has revealed a release date at this time. You can catch the actor’s dips into the Law & Order franchise streaming now on Peacock