Olivia Wilde Bringing Deadpool Creator’s Avengelyne To Life

By Jeffrey Rapaport | Published

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Olivia Wilde’s directing streak is set to continue: the talent is slated to direct a feature adaptation of Avengelyne, the ’90s comic book series created by Rob Liefeld, who is also famed for creating Deadpool.

Margot Robbie’s Lucky Chap Producing

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Understandably, the move is stirring considerable excitement within the film and comic book communities, as the project signifies a significant collaboration involving a high-powered team. We’re talking of the folks at LuckyChap–the production company owned by none other than Margot Robbie, Tom Acklerley, and Josey McNamara, as well as Simon Kinberg, a pivotal figure behind several X-Men and Deadpool films. 

Of course, you can’t hear Margot Robbie without thinking of Barbie. And her company, LuckyChap, is fresh off its monumental success with last year’s hit movie. Given their involvement, the Olivia Wilde-directed Avengelyne adaptation should be in good hands, especially with Klingberg tied to the production. His impressive resume in the superhero genre provides LuckyChap with the experience it lacks. 

The Avengelyne Comic Debuted In 1995

After all, Barbie is one thing, but adapting a beloved comic is simply a different beast. Yes, Robbie is known worldwide for her role as Harley Quinn. But she won’t be acting in this production–so the more people behind the scenes with superhero know-how, to ensure this big-deal adaption goes right, the better.

Olivia Wilde will be directing a realization of a comic book series that debuted in 1995; Avengelyne revolved around the story of a fallen angel sent to Earth and tasked with finding and protecting “The One.”

The One

No, that’s not Neo. 

Instead, The One is crucial in humanity’s defense against demons and other monstrous threats. This narrative vehicle explores themes of redemption, duty, and the eternal battle between good and evil. 

The brilliant character, co-created by Liefeld, Cathy Christian, and Tony Lobito, has nevertheless remained a notable yet underutilized property within Liefeld’s expansive portfolio of work. Olivia Wilde’s vision of Avengelyne will probably change that.

Rob Liefeld’s Deadpool Is Hotter Than Ever

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Ask any comic book and superhero film fan, and they’ll admit that Rob Liefeld’s influence on the comic book and film industries cannot be understated. Indeed, Deadpool’s third movie installment is on the horizon–featuring Ryan Reynolds, of course, and Hugh Jackman. Additionally, Hollywood appears increasingly interested in other Liefeld creations, such as Prophet. 

More likely than not, the adaptation of Avengelyne represents the larger trend of Tinsel Town digging deep into the crates of comic book lore for cinematic inspiration.

Olivia Wilde-Directed Movies

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For her part, Olivia Wilde, via her movies leading up to Avengelyne, has rapidly ascended as a director to watch. Fans worldwide learned of her directorial prowess via her breakout debut, the coming-of-age film Booksmart, in 2019. The thriller followed Don’t Worry Darling in 2022, featuring Florence Pugh and Harry Styles. Moreover, Wilde’s directorial vision will be further tested through Universals Naughty (another LuckyChap production); doubtlessly, this film will showcase her diverse storytelling abilities all the more. 

Before pivoting into directing, Wilde gained widespread recognition for her role as Dr. Remy “Thirteen” Hadley on the medical drama series House. 

We can’t wait to see what Olivia Wilde does with Avengelyne.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter