Norman Reedus Is Making A Fantasy Series

The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus is developing a new live-action fantasy series

By Dan Lawrence | Published

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The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus is developing a new live-action fantasy series for the Jim Henson Co, Variety reports. The project is just one of many originals that the Jim Henson company has planned to expand its slate of offerings. So far, Norman Reedus has built a career that has largely seen him starring opposite terrifying creatures in the way of zombies on The Walking Dead. This time around, however, Reedus is taking on a creative role. For this upcoming project, Reedus will be partnering with Brian and Wendy Froud, the duo behind The Dark Crystal. The Norman Reedus series will feature a whole new world of fantasy characters and creatures and is intended for a primetime family audience.

Speaking to Variety, President of TV at The Jim Henson Company Halle Stanford had this to say on the upcoming project, “Norman Reedus, the Frouds [who will create the show’s creatures] and the Jim Henson Company coming together to create a show is the mashup of my dreams.” Stanford continued to speak on Norman Reedus’ involvement in the project, “Norman is an artist, and when I suggested to him, what if we create a series with the Froud’s together that explores his love of magical creatures, he was so excited.”

Norman Reedus expanded on this, and it’s clear that he is extremely excited to be spearheading this project. He had this to say to Variety, “I mean, a show about goblins, trolls and otherworldly creatures? There’s nobody in the universe better suited for that than the Henson Company.”

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This project with the Frouds and Norman Reedus is not the only item on The Jim Henson Company’s expansion of original IP. Another project that the entertainment enterprise has in the works is Apple TV’s Fraggle Rock: Back To The RockThis show is a revival of Fraggle Rock, a musical fantasy comedy that has been a long staple of The Jim Henson Company. This new iteration of the show recently came to air on Apple TV at the end of last month.

The revival of Fraggle Rock has come out of the gates with very positive critic reviews. Rotten Tomatoes reports that Back To The Rock boasts a perfect critics score of 100%. The positive reviews of this latest offering from The Jim Henson Company certainly bodes well for this upcoming project with Norman Reedus and the Frouds. The Frouds offering The Dark CrystalAge of Resistance drew in a stellar cast that included Taron Egerton and Anna Taylor-Joy. Norman Reedus will be hoping that his work will draw in much the same intrigue from Hollywood stars and critics alike. 

For Norman Reedus, there is also potential for another exciting upcoming project. Reports suggest that the star has recently been in discussions with Marvel Studios about potentially taking up the mantle of Ghost Rider. The actor has long since lobbied for the role, and it looks like there is potential for his dreams to become reality. As well as this, last year it was reported that Reedus is developing a remake of cult movie Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill! with AMC StudiosIt is clear that the present moment is a positive one for Reedus, and his leading role in the creation of a new project for The Jim Henson Company is something that should be celebrated by both the actor and fans of his work.