Exclusive: Nicolas Cage Is In National Treasure Season 2

Nicolas Cage will return as Ben Gates in National Treasure: Edge of History season 2.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

Nicolas Cage will finally be returning to a fan-favorite franchise, but not until the second season of National Treasure: Edge of History. According to our trusted and proven sources, Nicolas Cage will have a role in the second season of the upcoming Disney+ reboot of National Treasure, which means that we will have to wait a bit until we see Benjamin Franklin Gates back in action. This does raise a lot of questions about the direction of the franchise, but we will just be happy to get Cage back. 

There have been conflicting reports as to what is exactly happening with the franchise, with longtime producer Jerry Bruckheimer claiming that a third movie with Nicolas Cage is on the way, Nicolas Cage being a bit vague (in his classic Nicolas Cage way) about it, and Disney developing a new spin-off show. At this point, we at least know that Nicolas Cage will not be significantly featured in the first season of National Treasure: Edge of History, but now it seems possible that he could appear in the finale as a tease.

nicolas cage

It is a time-honored tradition of television to end a season with a big, gasp-worthy moment to get viewers amped up for the next one. As such, introducing Nicolas Cage in the last moments of National Treasure: Edge of History season one, possibly saying something like “we’re gonna steal the Articles of Confederation, which were adopted by the Continental Congress on November 15, 1777” would be a pretty good way to lock audiences in. 

Of course, there have not been too many details released about the upcoming Disney+ series as of yet, so we do not know exactly how Nicolas Cage might fit into the plot of the National Treasure show. It is currently known that Lisette Alexis will star as the new lead of the show, supported by Lyndon Smith, Zuri Reed, Jake Austin Walker, Antonio Cipriano, and Jordan Rodrigues. It has also been announced that Catherine Zeta-Jones will serve as the series’ main antagonist, while previous National Treasure stars Harvey Keitel and Justin Bartha will be reprising their roles. 

Nicolas Cage showing up in the second season of National Treasure: Edge of History brings up the possibility that the show is being positioned as a replacement for the long-rumored third movie in the series. At the very least, this could be an ideal way for us to finally figure out what is on page 47 of the Book of Secrets, which has been frustrating fans ever since the second movie was released in 2007.

This comes at an interesting time for Nicolas Cage, when he has both critically revived his career with movies like Pig and The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent and signaled his openness to return to more commercial fare like Ghost Rider. While Nicolas Cage has had many enormous successes and staggering flops in his career, there might not be anything as beloved in his filmography as National Treasure. We’ll just be happy to see Ben Gates again.