Nicolas Cage In Talks For A Return To His Biggest Franchise

Nicolas Cage is reportedly in discussion to star in a new National Treasure.

By Joshua Jones | Published

In a Hollywood Reporter article detailing the career resurgence of Nicolas Cage, the publication made an interesting note about future projects the 58-year-old could appear in. One of the projects The Hollywood Reporter mentioned is a new installment of the adventure franchise National Treasure. It noted that Cage is “in various stages of discussions for sequels to big productions such as National Treasure and Face/Off.”

Of course, that all depends on whether Nicolas Cage will want to even return to a major franchise. Since 2011’s Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, Cage hasn’t starred in a blockbuster franchise film. He’s focused mainly on producing, directing, and starring in smaller indie fare and has reaped the benefits of it.

As noted by the Hollywood Reporter, Nicolas Cage did some voice work for Sony’s animated Spider-Man movie, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. He made a grand return to the awards circuit with his performances in the drama Pig, where he played a truffle hunter who returns to Portland in search of his beloved foraging pig after she is kidnapped. Other than a few voice-over works, Cage has stuck to smaller films.

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A return to the National Treasure franchise would undoubtedly excite fans of the original adventure films. The first National Treasure was a financial success at the box office, grossing nearly $350 million worldwide against a budget of $100 million. The Nicolas Cage adventure film received mixed reviews from critics who compared it to other movies of its kind, such as The Da Vinci Code and the Indiana Jones franchise.

There were reports of a possible National Treasure rival for the Disney+ streaming service. In May 2020, producer Jerry Bruckheimer confirmed that not only was a third film in development, but a series was in the works. Bruckheimer also suggested that the film would bring back Nicolas Cage and other cast members from the previous two installments.

During a panel at San Diego Comic-Con, the creators behind the upcoming Disney+ streaming series revealed that the show would be called National Treasure: Edge of History. The series follows the life of a character named Jess, a history buff who discovers her familial history while unraveling clues to a long-forgotten treasure. Fans of National Treasure were upset to hear that Nicolas Cage wouldn’t have any involvement in the Disney+ streaming series.

Although it seemed like any chance of Nicolas Cage returning to the adventure franchise was dead in the water, Bruckheimer hinted during a Reddit AMA that a script was still being worked on and that Cage was open to coming back to the role of Benjamin Franklin Gates. With The Hollywood Reporter’s article about Cage still in discussions for a possible appearance in the sequel, fans can get excited once again.

It all depends on Nicolas Cage’s asking price and motivation. The Hollywood Reporter also noted that Cage’s quote had risen thanks to his performances in smaller films such as Pig. Cage was once one of Hollywood’s sought-after stars who would appear in numerous studio films. The actor has since taken a break from being at the center of a major studio project and has transformed his career.