The Six Relentless Crime Thrillers You Have To Stream On Netflix

By Steven Nelson | Published

Netflix has the streaming movie world completely covered at this point with flicks in every style and genre. And they’ve even done us a solid with their secret categories that drill everything down a bit further. Here we’ll look at their Relentless Crime Thrillers set of movies and find the best ones.

The Departed

Double-crossing, identity crises, and the gritty streets of Boston? Sign us up! Netflix’s The Departed is a masterclass in how to weave suspense, action, and just the right amount of Jack Nicholson’s menace.

Directed by the legendary Martin Scorsese, the film tosses Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon into a high-stakes cat-and-mouse game of cops and mobsters. But who’s the cat and who’s the mouse?

In a world where the line between law and lawlessness is as blurred as your vision after one too many at the pub, The Departed guarantees you’ll be on the edge of your seat. Netflix tip: Trust no one, and maybe rethink that trip to Southie.


robert de niro

Buckle up, Netflix crime enthusiasts! Heat, directed by the brilliant Michael Mann, serves a sizzling plate of cat-and-mouse dynamics like you’ve never seen before.

Set against the sprawling cityscape of Los Angeles, the film pits Robert De Niro’s master thief against Al Pacino‘s determined detective. As their worlds collide in a ballet of bullets, heists, and mind games, you’ll find yourself questioning loyalties and rooting for both sides.

Boasting one of the most intense coffee shop conversations in cinematic history, Heat isn’t just another crime flick – it’s a deep dive into the psyche of two men on opposite sides of the law. Netflix promises: after watching this, your coffee dates will never feel the same again.

In the Line of Fire

Clint Eastwood netflix

When it comes to a thrilling game of wit and danger, Netflix’s In the Line of Fire truly sets the bar. Directed by Wolfgang Petersen, this heart-pounding crime thriller casts Clint Eastwood as Frank Horrigan, a veteran Secret Service agent haunted by his failure to save JFK.

Now, with a chillingly clever assassin played by John Malkovich setting his sights on another president, it’s a race against time and past demons. Malkovich’s cunning villainy against Eastwood’s grizzled determination makes for a cinematic clash of titans.

Netflix suggests keeping your hands free for this one, because you’ll be biting your nails through every twist and turn. Remember, in this high-stakes game, it’s not just about saving the day – it’s about redemption.


tom cruise netflix

Another Michael Mann entry here. If you thought your worst cab ride involved an overenthusiastic driver sharing their life story, think again. Collateral, brought to the gritty streets of LA, takes the concept of a night shift to lethal levels. Tom Cruise ditches his heartthrob persona to become Vincent, a chilling, gray-haired hitman with a list.

Jamie Foxx, as Max, is just a cab driver with dreams bigger than his taxi meter. When their paths intertwine, a night of suspense, shootouts, and moral crossroads unfolds.

Collateral on Netflix offers more than just action; it’s a tense exploration of fate, choices, and, well, really bad luck in picking up passengers. Before hitting play, maybe check your backseat — just to be sure.



Imagine your worst nightmare as a parent, then layer it with intricate mysteries, dark alleys, and moral quagmires. That’s Prisoners for you, right on Netflix.

Directed by Denis Villeneuve, this intense crime thriller pulls at the threads of every parent’s fears when two young girls vanish without a trace. Enter Hugh Jackman, a desperate father willing to blur the lines of justice, and Jake Gyllenhaal, a determined detective racing against the clock.

Netflix delivers a gripping tale that dives deep into the lengths one might go for family. The tight plot, rainy backdrop, and haunting score will ensnare you, making Prisoners a journey you won’t soon forget. Remember: it’s not just about finding answers, but also about how far you’d go to get them.

The Negotiator


When the tables are turned and a hostage negotiator becomes the hostage taker, you know you’re in for one wild ride. Enter The Negotiator on Netflix.

Set against the gritty backdrop of Chicago, this film sees Samuel L. Jackson as Danny Roman, an expert negotiator wrongfully accused and framed. Desperate to clear his name, he takes matters into his own hands in the most daring way possible.

Kevin Spacey steps in as the equally adept negotiator tasked with defusing the situation. Directed by F. Gary Gray, Netflix’s The Negotiator is a tense battle of wits, where words are as potent as bullets and trust is a luxury neither side can easily afford. Buckle up, because negotiations have never been this electrifying.