Nathan Fillion Fan Reactions To Tom Holland In Uncharted Are Shocking

Nathan Fillion fans have taken to Twitter to respond to the Uncharted trailer!

By Erika Hanson | Published

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With the release of the new Uncharted trailer from Sony yesterday, fan reactions have been decidedly mixed. Tom Holland, best known as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, has no problem holding his own amongst the rank of Hollywood’s current elites. But in this instance, the overwhelming outcry from Uncharted fans for their desire to see Nathan Fillion cast as Nathan Drake has left the twitter-verse reeling over the new trailer for the upcoming film and the first looks at Tom Holland portraying Drake.

The 50-year-old Canadian-born actor is best known for his leading role in the space western drama, Firefly. With decades of work in film, television, and voice acting for video games, Nathan Fillion has become an unofficial icon in the geek world. Uncharted fans have long dreamed of Fillion playing Drake even before any talks of a film adaptation were in place. The world was granted that wish, in a way, with the 2016 release of UNCHARTED – Live Action Fan Film, a short film created by director Allan Ungar. See the film in its entirety below:

After the release of the first official trailer for the upcoming Uncharted film, fans of the game franchise were quick to rebut the trailer by sharing what many penned the “better” Uncharted movie. Reactions ranged from polite to just plain rude in expressing votes for Nathan Fillion. What follows are some of the friendlier reactions to the trailer from this particular crowd.

Ironically, Nathan Fillion‘s own official Twitter account includes the tagline, “It costs nothing to say something kind. Even less to shut up altogether.” Apparently some of Fillion’s fans either haven’t read the tagline, forgot about it, or just don’t care. As evidence, here are some of the less polite reactions to the Uncharted trailer.

Uncharted was first released in 2007 and has seen a slew of games related to the series over the years. With immense success, the action-packed adventure game follows Nathan Drake, a professional treasure hunter, as he travels the world through stunning environments and uncovers historical mysteries in a third-person shooter game. The franchise is one of the best-selling video games of all time. Along with hoping for Nathan Fillion to play the role in the film, fans of the series have also been waiting a long time for a movie to be released. The first announcement of an Uncharted came in 2008 when producer Avi Arad announced his work with Sony Pictures to develop a film adaptation of the game. But with various setbacks, it would be over a decade before pertinent news would drop on the film. In 2017, it was confirmed by Sony that the film would be an origins story, along with the announcement of casting Tom Holland as Drake.

But it’s not just simply the love for Nathan Fillion among the world of gamer fans that have driven the desire to see him play the treasure hunter in film. Fillion unquestionably has a striking resemblance to the character in both appearance and age. But being that the film will be an origin story, Holland’s young age and fame is quite possibly a leading factor in his casting of the role.

The man himself publicly reacted to not being cast as Drake this past summer in an interview with Gaming Bible. While expressing his love for the game, Nathan Fillion stated no ill will and even divulged his excitement to see the young actor take on the role. You can see Holland take on the voyager role when Uncharted hits movie theatres on February 18, 2022-and look for Fillion’s review afterward.