Naruto Vs. Luffy: Who Would Win In A Fight?

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

Anime is filled with big characters who engage in bigger battles, leading to fans endlessly speculating about whether, say, Goku really is stronger than Vegeta or if these two need to have another rematch. Inevitably, this has led to debates about who would win when characters from different franchises fight, including Naruto from Naruto: Shippuden and Luffy from One Piece. And we hate to tell it to all you Straw Hats out there, but as of this writing, Naruto would completely clean Luffy’s clock, though this could change over time.

Hands down, Naruto would win a fight against One Piece‘s Luffy.

Let’s start with the basics of their abilities: Naruto, unlike Luffy, starts out as the strongest shinobi in history, and thanks to both his intense training and the nine-tailed fox inside of him, he gets stronger over time. He can fly, run at super speeds (don’t pretend you’ve never imitated the run!), and has magical summoning abilities.

Naruto’s Six Paths Sage Mode

Perhaps most importantly, he has won different forms that have helped enhance his combat abilities, including the ultra-strong Six Paths Sage Mode he got from Hagoromo during the Fourth Great Ninja War.

Naruto obviously has a lot going for him, but Luffy is no slouch: he consumed the Gum-Gum fruit long ago (giving him a rubbery body), and after it activated, he eventually learned that it is based on a sun god.

Over time and across many combat encounters, Luffy has attained different “Gears” that give him access to more powers, including super-speed and strength and invisible armor. He eventually gains the ability to read emotions, anticipate the enemy’s combat moves, and even access a growing number of cartoonish attacks seemingly limited only by his imagination as part of Gear Fifth.

While both characters are always getting stronger over time, Naruto currently seems stronger than Luffy and, more importantly, is more fully in control of all his different abilities.

Even if you’ve never seen Naruto or Luffy in action, you can probably see the dilemma in figuring out which one will win. Both of these characters start out strong and just keep getting stronger over time, much like Goku in Dragon Ball Z. And because each character keeps developing new powers and abilities, they often seem evenly matched, but we’re confident that Naruto would win a showdown between them.

Gear 5 Luffy

Why, though, are we so confident that Naruto could defeat Luffy in combat? While both characters are always getting stronger over time, Naruto currently seems stronger than Luffy and, more importantly, is more fully in control of all his different abilities. In the fullness of time, the cartoon physics that Gear Fifth allows Luffy to access may help him defeat his ninja foe, but right now, Luffy himself is still trying to figure out how these exotic new powers work.

Power Vs. Speed

If Naruto and Luffy ever really threw down, we imagine it would come down to power versus speed. Luffy’s great speed and the ability to anticipate his opponent’s moves would likely have him dodging attacks like he’s in the Matrix, and we’re confident that a real showdown between Naruto and Luffy would be epic in scope and last for several episodes.

But Luffy can’t dodge attacks forever, and the simple truth is that Naruto, like One-Punch Man, only needs to get one hit (whether by skill or sheer luck) to completely win the combat.

In case there is any doubt, keep in mind that Naruto can fairly easily regenerate from any damage that Luffy has dealt out, and we have some strong circumstantial evidence that he’s faster than Luffy (in Baryon Mode, for example, Naruto can actually move faster than light).

Between his speed, his ability to regen, and the sheer amount of damage that he can deal out, we can definitively say that Naruto defeats Luffy. Now, if anyone needs us, we’re going to be Naruto-running as fast as possible away from the angry comments that all the Straw Hats are furiously typing out right now.