See The Major Changes To The Heroes In My Hero Academia Season 7

By Jason Collins | Updated

The fandom of My Hero Academia anime is impatiently waiting for My Hero Academia Season 7. The anime page on X highlighted the upcoming season’s hero roster with the new poster, allowing the fans to see all the major changes to the heroes’ design.

The roster includes all the fan-favorite students and pro heroes, many of whom will play a significant role in the upcoming Final War arc.

My Hero Academia has taken on a rather predictable release pattern, with every new season taking just over a year to produce, with the release usually debuting almost a year after the previous season has ended. This would suggest that the fandom won’t see these major changes to the character design in action, at least until the My Hero Academia Season 7 drops, presumably in April 2024.

However, that didn’t prevent the production studio from keeping the hype alive by dropping a look at the upcoming season’s hero roster.

Naturally, the roster includes all the fan-favorite students and pro heroes, many of whom will play a significant role in the upcoming Final War arc. The last time we saw the heroes of Class 1-A, each of them suffered a major loss to the villains, but all of that is about to change as Season 7 opens with the Star and Stripe arc, as it follows the American character introduced at the ending of Season 6.

My Hero Academia

From there, My Hero Academia Season 7 is likely to progress to the Final War arc, which follows the ultimate clash between the heroes and the villains of the animated show.

The production work on My Hero Academia Season 7 of the anime was announced following the conclusion of the sixth season, and it’s bound to bring a ton more content, as a mass of things was left in the air when Season 6 ended.

How Many Episodes Will Season 7 Get?

The Final War arc is still ongoing in the manga and has yet to conclude, so it’s currently unknown whether the production studio intends to cover the entire Final War arc in the anime adaptation or they plan to adapt a portion of the arc, with the rest of the material left for potential Season 8.

Thus, the number of episodes for the upcoming My Hero Academia Season 7 remains unknown as well. The series typically has 25 episodes per season, but considering that the Final Arc still hasn’t concluded in the manga, the number of episodes might be different.

If there are not enough episodes for an entire Season 8, Season 7 might receive an extension in terms of episode count. However, things might also take a different turn, and the final two Seasons, assuming that there’s enough material to spill over into Season 8, might just split the number of episodes among themselves.

This could mean that the upcoming My Hero Academia Season 7 might actually receive fewer episodes than previous seasons. But that’s all speculation at this point as there’s no official confirmation from the production studio, so we suggest ingesting this information with a grain of salt while we collectively wait for further details regarding the upcoming season.

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