My Hero Academia Announces Bonus Anime Stand-Alone Episode

By April Ryder | Published

My Hero Academia

If you’re a fan of the long-running anime show My Hero Academia, then you’ll be delighted to hear (via Crunchyroll) that the series has produced a stand-alone bonus episode to be screened in the United States before it is viewable for fans in Japan (an event that doesn’t often happen). 

In a rare occurrence, My Hero Academia will debut a new standalone episode, called UA Heroes Battle, at New York Comic Con before it debuts in Japan.

News from the official My Hero Academia account on X revealed that the episode will be titled UA Heroes Battle. The episode will be released to fans attending the upcoming New York Comic Con 2023. An early screening will unveil the season six addition in the English dub version. 

The premiere of UA Heroes Battle will begin on Friday, October 13th at 5:00 pm PST in the Javits Center on the Empire Stage at New York Comic Con. Fans will experience card game action that will feature their favorite heroes from the show as they have never seen them before. 

The My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game is a real thing, produced by UVS Games as part of the Universus system that also includes Street Fighter, Mega Man, and Yu Yu Hakusho.

For those who may not already be seasoned fans of the show, in short, My Hero Academia features a world where almost everyone is equipped with their own superpower, called “quirks.” Some people use their quirks to help authorities maintain order and safety (those are called Heroes), and some people use their quirks for more sinister purposes (those are called Villains). 

There were also those who had their quirks and wanted to do good but didn’t have permission from the Hero Public Safety Commission, which are called Vigilantes. Vigilantes don’t have the support of the HPSC, so they often wear homemade costumes. 

Class 1-A in My Hero Academia

Being a Vigilante is illegal, but the Hero Public Safety Commission isn’t above using Vigilantes to do their dirty work. The Vigilantes are the “grey” area in their world, but at the start of the My Hero Academia anime, they’ve been mostly replaced by Pro Heroes.

Izuku Midoriya is a young boy who has yet to receive his quirk but dreams of becoming a Hero someday. After meeting his idol, a hero named All Might, Izuku, is chosen to inherit his quirk. All Might gives him the quirk “One For All,” which grants Izuku the ability to stockpile power and share it with others, as well as become All Might’s successor. 

Izuku is then given clearance to attend U.A. High School and hone his abilities. Throughout the series, Izuku and his friends work to become stronger and battle the League of Villains along the way. The ever-present battle between good and evil gives the show its forward progression and engages fans in the evolution of the characters. 

My Hero Academia Season 7 will adapt the Star and Stripe arc and the U.A. Traitor arc.

My Hero Academia has aired for six seasons and is due to release a seventh season soon. There have also been several spin-off series, along with three movies aligning with the show. The show has been running for nearly a decade, and there are certainly plenty of episodes to keep new viewers tuned into the story of Izuku and his classmates. 

If you’re looking to watch My Hero Academia, all six seasons can be viewed with a subscription on Hulu. You can choose to watch the English dubbed version or the original Japanese version with subtitles. Either way, you’re certainly in for an adventure.