Jared Leto Name Drops Venom In Wild New Morbius Trailer

We are finally getting a chance to see Jared Leto in the official Morbius trailer. It's been a long time coming for this movie and character.

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

jared leto morbius trailer

The movie has been in a holding pattern for such a long time, but we are finally getting close to seeing Jared Leto as the good doctor-turned-vampire in Morbius, the newest addition to Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. With Sony leaning exclusively into the villains in and around the web slinger’s world, this is just another addition to the anti-hero ranks for the franchise. Though we had some early teasers for how this film would begin to shake out, the full Morbius trailer dropped on Tuesday and it looks every bit an awesome addition to this world. 

Morbius follows the story of doctor Michael Morbius, played by Jared Leto, who at the outset is on the hunt to cure the rare blood disease that has sapped him of almost all physical abilities. He makes the time-honored comic book error to experiment on himself (this never, ever ends well) and decides to use bats as a testing ground for what he thinks will be the fix. Is there any chance that’s going to work out? Of course not. What ensues is the latest addition to the comic book movie world, a character who blurs the lines between hero and villain. Check out what I mean in the Morbius trailer: 

Set over the remixed version of The Doors “People Are Strange”, the Morbius trailer drops us into a dark world. It introduces everyone to Jared Leto as Michael Morbius who begins the movie on the righteous path, just trying to help the world and himself. But as he runs out of options and time, he takes the bat route which ends up imbuing him with all sorts of new powers. Gone are the cane and limp and in their place are super strength and speed. But there are other pluses as well taken from the bats. He has some radar location and can fly. All positives, right? Wrong. 

As is often the case with these things, there is a significant downside for Jared Leto in the Morbius trailer. With all of the cool new powers comes the vampiric gene as well. He’s now got the taste, and need, for blood and so begins a story that has his character straddling the line of good and evil. At his heart, he’s a doctor that wants to save others and use his power for good. But there’s a piece of him that also might be uncontrollable and this appears to be the heart of the story in Morbius. 

Near the end of the Morbius trailer, Jared Leto makes mention of the other star in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe when he “jokingly” calls himself Venom. That obviously refers to Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock character who struggles much in the same way with the inner terror that has consumed part of his life. These two live in the same world (an incident in San Francisco is mentioned as well) and will likely cross paths at some point. We also catch a glimpse of Michael Keaton’s Adrian Toomes/ Vulture with the studio ensuring there will be plenty of villains piling up to take on Spider-Man at some point. 

With this Morbius trailer, we are closing in on seeing the movie that has faced a considerable uphill battle getting released into theaters. Jared Leto and company were originally supposed to hit screens all the way back in July of 2020. But the pandemic got in the way of that and it has been repeatedly pushed back ever since. Now, it is expected to hit theaters in just a few months, on January 28th of next year. If the trailer is any indication this could have been very much worth the wait.