Jared Leto Introduces A New Morbius Trailer

Jared Leto is here to introduce a new Morbius trailer.

By Doug Norrie | Updated

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Jared Leto has been all over the casting news of late, signing on for a high-profile trilogy while also gearing up to reprise an iconically evil role in the DC Universe. But he also has a movie heading to theaters in the spring which was set to debut a new character, an anti-hero type to the comic book movie world. Morbius has seen some delays in its release timeline, but Leto took to YouTube to give a glimpse of a new trailer for the film. 

Check out the latest trailer for Morbius:


The Morbius trailer is focused on a Japanese audience with Jared Leto first coming on to explain the plot arc of the movie and some of the character’s background. The trailer, which lasts about a minute, is similar to some other released media for the film. It shows the transformation of Leto’s character, Dr. Michael Morbius, whose attempts to cure a rare blood disease by experimenting on bats end up turning him into a vampire instead. It hasn’t been a great year for bat-produced viruses but Morbius’s issues take things to a totally new level. 

Morbius was originally supposed to debut over the summer, but pandemic-related theater closings pushed it back to a new timeline. Currently, Jared Leto is set to take the screen as the titular character on March 19, 2021. Though a Marvel character, it’s not a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie but rather in the Sony Pictures Marvel Universe which also includes Venom. 

Jared Leto in Morbius isn’t his only comic book-related work in the works. He’s set to reprise his role as Joker in the DC Universe as well. We first saw the Leto-inspired character’s new look in The Suicide Squad.  And now there’s word that he will have a role in Zack Snyder’s Justice League recut which is headed for HBO Max in early 2021. Plus, HBO Max has a Ben Affleck-led Batman television show in the works, and Leto is set to give the caped crusader a run for his money on that as well. It’s a continued expansion of the DC Universe with Leto lending continuity to the character. 

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And it doesn’t stop there for Jared Leto. He’s set to star in the Tron franchise’s reboot which will actually be a trilogy of films. In it, he’ll play Ares, part of that world’s resistance and a character who’s been mentioned in past Tron films without ever actually appearing on screens. That franchise could prove to be Leto’s first real chance at a huge star turn in a major sci-fi franchise. Though other Tron movies were never able to work into multiple films and sequels, the studio has already signaled its willingness to go all the way this time around. 

Whether Morbius ever sees a sequel of its own remains to be seen. Venom 2 is set for a 2021 release so the studio has shown a willingness to keep this universe going. But much will probably depend on how Jared Leto and the character perform this spring. Whatever the result, Leto continues to work his way into big-budget films and franchises.