Mia Goth Sued For Allegedly Attacking Actor On Set of MaXXXine

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

After the success of X and Pearl, Mia Goth was clearly crowned as one of the modern queens of horror. She is currently filming the third movie in that trilogy, MaXXXine, but it sounds like things on set might be driving the actor to violence more befitting of her onscreen characters. A MaXXXine extra is now suing Mia Goth, director Ti West, and A24 because Goth “allegedly kicked him in the head on purpose during a take.”

Just how did the entire thing go down? It starts with the uncomfortable life of a movie extra: for one of the scenes, the man who filed suit had to wear a robe while covered in fake blood and lying in the dirt. This was apparently painful even before Mia Goth’s alleged actions, as the extra claims he had to spend many hours dealing with ants and mosquitoes.

Mia Goth Maxxine
Mia Goth in Maxxxine

For a scene they were shooting, Mia Goth was supposed to step over the actor on the ground, briefly looking at him before continuing on her way. There were many takes, and on one of them, Goth allegedly “nearly stepped” on the vulnerable actor. After receiving a warning to be more careful on subsequent takes, Mia Goth allegedly “intentionally kicked” the extra in the head with her boot on the next take.

According to the extra, the kick from Mia Goth’s boot was serious enough to cause major neck stiffness and physical pain, and a doctor later said he had experienced a concussion. “Later” is the keyword here as the extra claims that he didn’t receive any kind of medical attention on set. The pain continued in unexpected ways, too, as peeling off the fake blood on his body was excruciating enough that he “nearly passed out twice” during his drive home.

All of this would be bad enough on its own, but it sounds like there was plenty of insult to go along with the injury. Allegedly, Mia Goth confronted the extra in the bathroom; the extra claims that she “taunted, mocked, and belittled” him and even dared him to take action in response to her actions. Still, he might or might not have ever taken the actor to court if he wasn’t removed from film production soon after the alleged incident.

Now, the extra is suing for a minimum of $500,000 in damages as well as punitive damages alleging both battery at the hands of Mia Goth and wrongful termination on the part of Ti West and A24. It’s a very explosive allegation, and we’re interested to see whether this makes it to court or ends in a quiet settlement. So far, neither Mia Goth nor her team have commented on the matter.

These allegations add a very dark tinge to a horror film that most genre lovers have been looking forward to for a long time. In X, Mia Goth’s character Maxine was the only survivor, and after a prequel (Pearl) gave us a better idea of who her would-be killers were, MaXXXine is going follow Maxine’s adventures as she tries to become a successful actor in Hollywood. The film doesn’t yet have a release date, but when it comes out, we’re definitely going to be keeping an eye out for the scene the extra allegedly went through so much pain to shoot.    

Source: TMZ