See Method Man As Part Of The X-Men In the Marvel Cinematic Universe

See what Method Man would look like as part of the MCU for X-Men.

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The well-known Wu-Tang Clan hip-hop artist Method Man is known for his Grammy-winning work as a musician. However, he has also dabbled in a versatile list of other creative parts of the industry, including as a songwriter, producer, and as an actor. Method Man has had roles in movies like Garden State (2004) and Venom (2005). The native New Yorker was also in the TV series Godfather of Harlem (2021) and recently completed work on the film Once Upon a Time in Staten Island (2021). According to an Instagram post on the rapper’s official account, Method Man now has long had his sights set on playing the role of Lucas Bishop in an upcoming X-Men reboot. 

The Instagram post, which can be seen below, features an impressive fan-created depiction of Method Man as Lucas Bishop. The singer/songwriter/actor captioned the post and tagged Marvel, thanking the artist and asking Marvel executives and Marvel President Kevin Feige to consider him for the coveted role. 

Judging by the onslaught of positive replies from fans reacting to the post, it just might inspire Marvel to take a look at Method Man for the role. Still, Marvel has yet to confirm or deny whether or not Method Man is actually being considered as a potential cast member. However, Movie Web took the time to explain exactly why Method Man would be the perfect actor to portray Lucas Bishop in an X-Men reboot. They detailed that both the actor and the character have pasts that align in multiple ways. For example, they both live by two different names. Method Man is actually an alias for the talent’s real name, Clifford Smith Jr., which is similar to Lucas Bishop who’s real name is Omar Sy. Alignments such as that could potentially make it easier for Method Man to connect to the character on a very personal and relatable level. 

Whether or not Method Man’s desire to portray Lucas Bishop will come to fruition, fans can take solace in the fact that no matter who does eventually land the part, a new X-Men movie is actually in the works. Giant Freakin Robot reported that the movie may simply be titled The Mutants. Ever since Disney acquired the right to the much-loved Marvel IP, fans have been chomping at the bit to find out when they would get to see their favorite mutants on screen again. Right now, however, few details are known about the upcoming production other than that it is definitely getting made. 

Given that casting is currently being kept under veiled secrecy, Method Man as Lucas Bishop is not the only fan art that has surfaced regarding what Hollywood personalities should play which X-men. Excited fans can also take a look at Henry Cavill as Cyclops or even as the Wolverine himself. Even though it still remains to be seen as of now who will be cast, or even if any actors will come back to reprise their roles, fans can definitely look forward to learning more in the coming months as to just who will fill the shoes of iconic X-men characters. 

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