See Henry Cavill As The X-Men’s New Wolverine

Think Henry Cavill can play every single superhero? You might be right. Check out what he looks like as the XMen's Wolverine.

By Doug Norrie | Published

henry cavill

Henry Cavill might have an unclear future when it comes to Superman, but it hasn’t stopped him from landing major roles and being speculated on joining other franchises. It’s almost like the talk of him possibly losing his gig in the DC Extended Universe has only served to bolster his name in other spots. It’s quite remarkable. The latest fan dreaming has him getting the adamantium claws and joining the X-Men. That’s right, someone has given us a glimpse of Henry Cavill as Wolverine. 

The fan art is thanks to Instagram user and puts Henry Cavill in the full black X-Men uniform as Logan/ Wolverine. The look fits him and gives us some of the same styling we’ve seen from the comic books as well as the Hugh Jackman version that’s been on the big screen for more than a decade. Check out Henry Cavill as Wolverine and just think about what it would mean for him to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe like this. 

He looks the part, no? It’s starting to seem a little like we could slot Henry Cavill in as nearly every superhero out there and he would pretty much fit the bill. It’s maybe why he’s continually rumored to be joining other franchises in different superhero roles. The dude just has a chiseled and stoic, yet rather innocent look that appears to work for a number of different characters. It’s probably why his name keeps getting thrown out there. 

We don’t know where the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going with Wolverine these days. With the X-Men officially joining the contractual and studio rights fold this past year, there are a lot of ways to take the character moving forward. There have been quiet rumors about Hugh Jackman possibly making a return at some point, but it stands to reason that they will eventually recast the role to a younger actor or actress and reset the timeline on the character. My guess is they go with a lesser known face considering the iconic spin Jackman put on the him to begin with, but that’s just a guess. 

henry cavill

As for Henry Cavill, he might simply be too busy these days to even consider joining another major franchise as a legacy character. He’s just finished up shooting season 2 of Netflix’s The Witcher. the first season of the show was a massive success for the platform and fans are champing at the bit for a return to Geralt of Rivia. And he’s also signed on for more work in the Enola Holmes franchise as well. 

Plus, the big news last week was that Henry Cavill had been cast in a reboot of The Highlander with John Wick director Chad Stahelski at the helm. That’s set to be a major film coming out in the next few years. And all of this is without even knowing about the fate of his time in the DC Extended Universe as Superman. It’s not known how the studio plans to handle his version of Clark Kent moving forward with near daily rumors saying he’s either back in or all the way out. Regardless, he’s got plenty going on and now we