Our Matrix Resurrections Plot Scoops Confirmed

Long before its release, Giant Freakin Robot exclusively reported on several Matrix Resurrections plot details. We can now confirm those details to be true.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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After 18 long years, the misappropriation of the term “red pill” and a lot of changes about how we think about a world being controlled by omnipresent machines, it’s here: The Matrix Resurrections has finally hit theaters. Long before its release, Giant Freakin Robot exclusively reported on several Matrix Resurrections plot details. We can now confirm those details to be true. Fair warning: if you are looking to avoid spoilers, now’s the time to read something else.

Happily enough, The Matrix Resurrections plot scoops we have previously reported, such as the new story taking place decades after Matrix Revolutions and that Neil Patrick Harris will be playing a new AI program called The Analyst, are now confirmed to be true. One of the other most major Matrix Resurrections plot elements that reviews are confirming to be true is that returning director Lana Wachowski (sister and co-director Lilly Wachowski chose not to take part in the new film) has made a much, much more meta, self-aware film than any of the previous entries in the franchise. Both Wachowskis have previously been very vocal in their lack of desire to continue making Matrix films, but reportedly the death of their parents and Warner Bros. Pictures ceaseless desire to continue utilizing one of the most popular IPs of recent decades managed to bring at least Lana back.

Fittingly, the new film involves an also returning Keanu Reeves back as Neo, back in his original identity of ordinary human Thomas Anderson. However, in this iteration of the character, he’s now the legendary creator of a video game series called The Matrix, which essentially tells the story of the original movies. This surprised us when we first reported it, but The Matrix Resurrections plot pulls it together. And in an even more meta element, Thomas Anderson/Neo is being pushed by the parent company of the game to produce a new entry in the series. That production company? Warner Bros. 

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We also have exclusively reported that The Matrix Resurrections plot would involve a character played by Christina Ricci. We can now confirm that Christina Ricci, who is also having a year of resurgence as the breakout character in the Showtime drama Yellowjackets, is portraying a powerful executive of the aforementioned Warner Bros. Even more excitingly, Jonathan Groff turns out to be playing the central antagonist of the original series, Agent Smith (as we earlier reported). The character was memorably played by Australian actor Hugo Weaving, but the new version of the character appears to be a rebooted version based on Neo/Thomas Anderson’s game series of the events of the original movie. All a little confusing, sure, but still fascinating. 

The Matrix Resurrections was sure not to have a simple plot, given that the franchise only grew exponentially more complex and philosophical as the series went on. Although only the earliest reviews have begun to arrive, critics seem at least divided on the new film, but as with all things, a lot is going to rest on what the fans say. At the very least, it is an exciting new direction for such an influential and groundbreaking series, and as always, makes us ask: What is The Matrix?