Masters Of The Universe Saved After Netflix Cancellation? Another Major Streamer Is In The Mix

By Robert Scucci | Published


Adam and Aaron Nee’s Masters of the Universe movie may finally materialize after all, according to Variety. After Netflix scrapped the project due to budgetary concerns, insiders close to project have reported that the big-budget He-Man film may get saved by Amazon MGM studios, and further developed instead of being completely shelved.

Rights Still Up In The Air

It’s worth noting that we may be getting ahead of ourselves, as the production rights to Masters of the Universe are still up in the air, and we’re dealing with a fair amount of conjecture at the time of this writing.

If Masters of the Universe does, in fact, get picked up by Amazon MGM, then the Mattel-based movie still has to be polished up.

Netflix Spent $30 Million Already

Netflix Masters of the Universe

In an ideal world, the Nee Brothers will be able to fine-tune the script, and direct the feature that they started working on with Netflix before the streaming giant decided to halt the project.

It’s been reported that Netflix already spent $30 million on developing the movie, and the anticipated budget to finish will approach the $200 million mark when all is said and done.

Kyle Allen Still On As He-Man?

Should the Masters of the Universe movie get the official green light, Kyle Allen, who was initially cast for the Netflix live-action reboot, will still be on board to portray He-Man when the movie finds a new home.

And with the Nee Brother’s past experience working on big-budget films like 2022’s The Lost City, we can only hope they’ll bring the same vibrant energy to He-Man’s narrative that we know they’ll be able to deliver with verve and enthusiasm.

Last Live-Action Was Dolph Lundgren

live-action masters of the universe

While we’re more than ready to see a version of Masters of the Universe that has a little more style and substance than the 1987 Dolph Lundgren movie of the same name, the unfortunate reality is that we’re going to have to wait a little while longer for further developments.

As it currently stands, the rights for Masters of the Universe were purchased by DreamWorks Animation, who is now owned by NBCUniversal over a decade ago.

In other words, NBCUniversal and DreamWorks Animation have a deal with Mattel that allows them to make adaptations of the property through 2026, which may interfere with Amazon MGM’s vision if the upcoming movie proves to be successful, and the studio decides to produce a sequel.

Mattel, He-Man, And Barbie

If Amazon MGM studios is able to seal the deal, then we may have the next big superhero franchise on our hands with Masters of the Universe.

And ever since Barbie earned nearly $1.5 billion this summer as it dominated the box office with its subversive satire, it’s clear that Mattel properties are here to stay. Plus, they have the potential to be extremely profitable if handled with care and exceptional creative vision.

He-Man Hopefully Coming Sooner Than Later

masters of the universe netflix

As of this writing, Mattel’s release slate shows us a future with several movies that are based on their toys, including, but not limited to: Hot Wheels, Magic 8 Ball, Polly Pocket, and even Uno.

It’s only a matter of time before Masters of the Universe finally gets the love it deserves, and the screen time that we’re all begging for.