Marvel Re-Releasing Disney+ Show And It’s Completely Changed

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published

werewolf by night disney
Gael Garcia Bernal in Werewolf By Night

As the Halloween season creeps around the corner, streaming giants, Disney+ and Hulu are brewing up a cauldron of spine-tingling delights for viewers of all ages. Their annual Huluween and Hallowstream celebrations promise to deliver a fang-tastic array of content that will leave you on the edge of your seat, from beloved classics like Hocus Pocus to re-releases of popular newer content.

We’re talking specifically about the re-release of Werewolf By Night, which, according to Bloody Disgusting, will be changed from the original black-and-white format to a fully colored version.

Marvel is re-releasing Werewolf By Night on Disney+, but this time, it’s in color.

Last year, Marvel Studios released Werewolf by Night, a film telling a classic black-and-white horror story that director Michael Giacchino aimed to make as spine-tingling as the terrors that haunted our childhood nightmares. It’s a journey back to good old-fashioned gateway horror, and it certainly made a scream of a premiere last year on Disney+.

werewolf by night
Laura Donelly as Else Bloodstone in Werewolf By Night

This hair-raising Halloween special includes the talents of Gael García Bernal, known for his role in M. Night Shyamalan’s Old, who takes on the pivotal role of Jack Russell, a character capable of transforming into a fearsome werewolf while retaining his human intellect. Werewolf By Night also features an ensemble cast of many talented actors, including Laura Donnelly, Harriet Sansom Harris, and Kirk R. Thatcher.

Werewolf by Night isn’t just another standalone special; it’s a significant addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In Werewolf By Night, Jack Russell himself is a descendant of the mystically-altered offshoot of humans known as Lycanthropes. During the full moon and the two nights surrounding it, he is compelled to transform into a powerful werewolf, losing his human intellect in the process. However, a series of events grants him the ability to transform voluntarily outside of the full moon, maintaining control over his monstrous form.

werewolf by night review
Werewolf By Night

Werewolf by Night isn’t just another standalone special; it’s a significant addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This chilling tale was the first Marvel Studios Special Presentation in the MCU, seamlessly integrating into the existing universe’s continuity alongside the films and television series fans have come to love and obsess over.

Upon its release in October 2022 as part of Phase Four of the MCU, Werewolf by Night received rave reviews from critics.

Its accolades spanned across its practical effects, the hauntingly atmospheric black-and-white cinematography, the stellar performances of Gael García Bernal and Laura Donnelly, Michael Giacchino’s masterful direction and score, and the captivating storyline that veered from the typical MCU formula. It’s a breath of fresh (or should we say eerie) air in the MCU’s expanding universe.

Werewolf By Night introduced the Bloodstone family and its most famous member, Else, to the MCU.

Now, Werewolf by Night is reemerging from the shadows, and this time, it’s getting a stunning makeover. On October 20, 2023, Disney+ will release a fully colored version of the special, aptly titled Werewolf by Night in Color. This transformation won’t be happening on a full moon (it’s a waxing crescent that night), but it still promises to be a visual feast, breathing new life into the already spine-chilling narrative.

As Halloween approaches, Disney+ and Hulu are pulling out all the stops to ensure you have a howling good time. With Werewolf by Night leading the charge and now available both in its original monochrome incarnation and a thrilling colorized version, there’s no better way to embrace the spooky season.

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