Marvel Goes After Captain America 4 Instagram Leaker

By Britta DeVore | Published

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Since becoming one of the biggest franchises in the game, Marvel Studios has been fighting an uphill battle against leakers. Because everyone has a high-tech camera in their pockets, those hoping to get snapshots of unannounced cameos and plot points have it much easier than they would have a few decades ago. While the studio has largely given out warnings in the past and not fully responded to any of these spoilers with guns a’blazin, that’s all changing with Marvel on the trail of a Captain America 4 leaker.

The Subpoena

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It’s actually quite impressive to see Marvel’s legal team take the fight into their own hands and go after the Captain America 4 leaker. First thing first – they’re taking the fight directly to social media, specifically Instagram where an account known as CanWeGetSomeToast is the attorneys’ primary target. A subpoena has already been passed onto the social media platform to reveal the hidden identity behind the handle dropping the spoilers. 

The Leaker

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This first wave of action comes from Matthew Slatoff – Marvel’s vice-president of Global Security & Content Protection, in a move that claims the Instagramer broke copyright laws in sharing the protected content. The spoiler in question is an alleged image that Marvel Studios claims was taken by the Captain America 4 leaker and used without the authorization of the corporation behind the film. It’s also worth noting that the same account has shared numerous images and the like over the last few years with the studio never batting an eye, making the decision to pounce now a head-scratcher.


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While Marvel may be duking it out with the Captain America 4 leaker, in a lot of ways, the call is coming from inside the house through their partnership with McDonald’s. As we reported about one month ago, fans were calling out the fast food chain and movie studio after a set of kids’ meal toys dropped, depicting a handful of characters from the upcoming flick. Included alongside Cap’s shield and Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson as the new Captain America, the toy lineup also included Red Hulk aka Harrison Ford’s Thaddeus Ross. 

Red Hulk

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Although most of us were speculating about the character’s involvement in the superhero film, nothing had been as outwardly announced, with the toy drop seeming to solidify Red Hulk’s arrival into the MCU. With all the scheduling changes that have shifted for Captain America: Brave New World, it’s likely something that simply fell under the radar in the Marvel and McDonald’s partnership but still, to many, it will seem more of a spoiler than that of the Captain America 4 leaker’s drop of secrets.

No More Joking Around

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What transpires now will affect the way that Marvel productions are seen moving forward as – just as long as the comic books have been receiving their big screen adaptations – there have been those like the Captain America 4 leaker snapping images along the way. While Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman handled a similar case with leaks coming from the set of Deadpool & Wolverine more comically, Marvel Studios is bringing out the big guns to deter others from going down a similar path.

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