Marvel Only Has One MCU Movie Releasing Next Year

By Douglas Helm | Published

If you’re a Marvel fan who is feeling a bit of superhero fatigue from the numerous releases of the MCU, 2024 should give you a nice long break. Disney and Marvel Studios decided to make significant adjustments to its upcoming film release slate, with Deadpool 3 taking over the July 26, 2024 release date.

That takes the date from Captain America: Brave New World and shifts Anthony Mackie’s first Captain America film to a February 14, 2025 release date.

This means MCU fans only have to catch one film coming out next year (via Deadline).

Strikes Impacted Schedules

Deadpool 3

The shuffling of the film release dates is likely largely a result of production schedules being pushed due to the WGA strike and SAG-AFTRA strike, both of which are at a tentative end.

While earlier reports indicated that Captain America: Brave New World had more filmed than Deadpool 3, it seems this wasn’t the case.

The Deadpool threequel was reportedly about 50% complete, but it seems they’re confident they can wrap things up in time for summer.

Other Movies Pushed

anthony mackie

Deadpool 3 and Captain America: Brave New World aren’t the only films seeing their release dates pushed, as Disney moved its anticipated Blade film from February to November 2025.

Of course, this was a necessary change since the Cap film will be taking over the Valentine’s spot.

Disney is also having to push its anti-hero team-up film Thunderbolts from December 20, 2024, to July 25, 2025, as the film hasn’t even started production.

Marvel Might Not Be Upset

While it’s pretty unusual for there to be only one major MCU film release for an entire year, it’s something that MCU fans might not be too upset about.

Keeping up with the many projects released by the MCU has proven to be a bit overwhelming for fans, and fewer films during the year means each film will likely feel more like a big event.

Many of Marvel’s recent films have underperformed due to this fatigue, so it’s possible it will be good for Marvel’s wallet, too.

More Marvel Besides Deadpool 3

hugh jackman Deadpool 3

While Deadpool 3 may be the only MCU film releasing in 2024, there will still be plenty of Disney+ Marvel shows releasing throughout the year.

In 2024, the Marvel shows set to release include Echo, X-Men 97’, Agatha: Darkhold Diaries, Spider-Man: Freshman Year, and Marvel Zombies.

While this is quite a lot of shows to watch, Marvel also apparently has plans to pare down its Disney+ offerings as well.

Deadpool 3 Will Be A Box Office Hit

deadpool 2

In any case, this strategy is definitely poised to help Deadpool 3 do incredibly well at the box office. Since it will be the only MCU release of the year, people will likely be looking forward to it.

Regardless, it also happens to be the first R-rated MCU film, the first Deadpool film in the MCU, and it will bring back Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

Recipe For Success

marvel spotlight

Add the fact that the previous Deadpool films have all been box-office smash hits, and Deadpool 3 has quite the recipe for major success.

While we wait for Deadpool 3 and other upcoming MCU projects, you can check out the most recent MCU film, The Marvels, in theaters. The finale of Loki Season 2 also recently hit Disney+.