The New Lois Lane Has A Boy’s Haircut And Is Played By A Person Of Color

Check out the brand new Lois Lane.

By Faith McKay | Published

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Every Superman series has its own take on Lois Lane. She’s always the reporter for the Daily Planet. She’s ambitious, independent, dedicated to her job, but also somehow balances that with being swept up and out of danger by Superman when Clark Kent is suspiciously nowhere to be seen. Now, HBO Max and Cartoon Network have come together to bring us an animated Superman series for the first time in over twenty years.

This time around, Lois Lane is being voiced by Alice Lee, an actress known for her role on Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist and her time on Broadway. Much of her online presence is focused on her YouTube channel, where she sings. Now, expanding her portfolio further, she’ll be working with HBO Max and Cartoon Network to bring the new animated series to life. She celebrated on Instagram with the hashtag #AsianLoisLane, marking the first time Lois Lane has been played by a woman who wasn’t white. You can see her Instagram post here.

Warner Media released one new image from My Adventures With Superman. The animated series is going to follow Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen at the start of their careers at the Daily Planet. They’re all in their early 20s and earning their chops as reporters. The announcement for the series committed the networks to two full seasons. While we know that Alice Lee will be voicing Lois Lane and Jack Quaid from The Boys will be voicing Clark Kent, they haven’t said who will be playing the role of Jimmy Olsen. You can check out the single image they’ve given us of the characters so far below and see a young, spirited, Lois Lane with short hair, clearly excited by whatever she and Jimmy Olsen are checking out.

My Adventures With Superman

What can we expect from this new Lois Lane? While we don’t have any video to go off of yet, so there is little known, we can expect a young Lois to be even more intense than she is later in life. She’s always been a reporter willing to jump in and pursue a story. While she’s been in many movies, comics, and television series over the years, everyone has their favorite. For many, that’s Margot Kidder who first played the character in 1978. She’s super intense. While often a damsel in distress, she did a good job balancing the moments where Superman sweeps her off her feet with her role as an independent person and repoter.

Lois Lane

One of the other big favorites though is actually the Lois Lane voiced by Dana Delaney in Superman: The Animated Series. Airing from 1996 to 2000, this was the last time Superman had his very own animated series. Like Alice Lee, Dana Delaney is an actress known for live-action parts and for her role as an animated Lois Lane, one of the fan-favorite versions, in fact. Delaney’s Lois was independent, saucy (she was known for slipping in the double entendre), and teased Clark Kent about his uptight persona and small-town upbringing on the regular. Delaney’s Lois has definitely left a lot for Alice Lee to live up to in her new take. We’ll have to see how they bring the young reporter to the screen this time around.