The Boys Star Cast As Superman In New Series

The new Superman series just signed on their Clark Kent with this actor from The Boys.

By Faith McKay | Published

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HBO Max and Cartoon Network have joined forces to create a new animated series. Right from the get-go, they’ve ordered two seasons of the show. So, it’s expected to last a while. And who has signed on to voice the part of Clark Kent himself? Jack Quaid, most recently known for his part as Hughie on Amazon’s The Boys.

While Jack Quaid may have superhero genre experience on The Boys, his new show, My Adventures with Superman will be something very different. The new animated series will follow Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen in their early 20s as they first start working at The Daily Planet. It will follow the trio as they explore crimes as reporters and as Clark manages his alter-ego as Superman.

If you’re worried about The Boys season three, don’t. Jack Quaid is set to appear as Hughie Campbell. It doesn’t sound like playing Superman will affect his role on the series. One of the nice things about an animated series is that actors seem better able to balance a running live-action series with voice work than many other available projects that require more flexibility from an actor’s schedule.

Jack Quaid from The Boys

If you never looked at Jack Quaid and thought, “Hey, he should play Clark Kent,” you’re not alone. The actor has more of a Jimmy Olsen look. The Boys actor shared his own surprise and excitement on Twitter following the announcement, along with the first graphic released from the animated series. Check it out below.

While there always seems to be a steady supply of DC superhero projects in one form or another, the Man of Steel hasn’t headlined his own animated series in a while. Yes, he’s appeared in other series, but he hasn’t had his own since Superman: The Animated Series, which aired from 1996 to 2000. That means we haven’t had an animated Clark Kent headliner in over twenty years. Clearly, it’s time for Jack Quaid to step in. While he’s most known for his recent work on The Boys, that’s largely because in the live-action role we’ve been able to see his face.

Quaid actually has a running history of voice work for animated series, including for DC with Batman: The Long Halloween parts one and two. He voiced Alberto for that project alongside fellow The Boys season three star Jensen Ackles, who played Batman. He is also proudly part of Star Trek: Lower Decks as Ensign Brad Boimler.

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The new Superman series sounds like it will be heavily focused on teamwork between the three main characters. The studio didn’t share whether the series will begin with Clark Kent’s alter ego being known to his pals, but it sounds like it won’t be since it usually isn’t when their relationship is young. While The Boys’ Jack Quaid will be center stage as Clark Kent, it sounds like Alice Lee, who will be voicing Lois Lane, will have nearly as big a part to play. They have yet to announce an actor for Jimmy Olsen.