Stargate’s Lexa Doig Seems To Be Aging Backwards, What She’s Doing Now

By Rick Gonzales | Published

Lexa Doig

Lexa Doig was an iconic figure in the world of 90s and early 2000s science fiction franchises. She had starring roles in many of the decade’s biggest, geek-loved properties. Most notably, she was in the main cast of both Andromeda and Stargate SG-1. She got her start on William Shatner’s TekWar and also had the lead female role in the horror slasher Jason X.

Since then, something strange has happened to Lexa Doig. One look at her Instagram page reveals a very big mystery: How has she avoided aging?

Lexa Doig is now over 50 and yet she looks almost exactly the same as she did thirty years ago in the 90s. Take a look…

Lexa Doig now
Lexa Doig now

Alright, maybe some of that is the result of Instagram filters, but there’s no denying that Lexa Doig has somehow managed to dodge the worst of aging and stayed younger than her peers. She’s probably worth following on Instagram if you’re looking for health tips. She seems to know what she’s doing.

Lexa Doig Was Born In Canada

Lexa Doig was born on June 8, 1973, in Ontario, Canada. As a child, Doig kept busy studying rhythmic gymnastics. Her inspiration to become an actor came early on when at age 9, Doig went to a theater production of Porgy and Bess. To see the actors on stage was a thrill to the young Lexa and from then on she knew what she wanted to do.

She Started As A Model

Lexa Doig was at the Don Mills Collegiate Institute, completing her secondary education when she, at 16, enrolled in a vocational modeling program. To her surprise, a talent agent took an interest and immediately offered Lexa representation. The agent was able to book Lexa for various modeling gigs. Because of this, Lexa chose to drop out of her final year of high school to pursue her acting career.

Lexa Doig Got A Break In TekWar

Lexa Doig in TekWar

Lexa Doig’s first exposure to the world of acting came in 1991 when she became the co-host of a Canadian game show called Video & Arcade Top 10. While she was co-hosting, Lexa continued to audition for various film and television roles. Lexa’s tenacity and desire to become an actor led her to her first true acting gig as the “second girl” in the Canadian TV series The Hidden Room.

It took Lexa another year before she would grab another role, but this one pushed her to bigger heights. She nabbed a 5-episode run on William Shatner’s TekWar, a futuristic tale about a highly addictive drug that takes its users into a fantasy world. Doig costarred with Shatner and Greg Evigan. The series led Doig to star in two TekWar TV movies – TekWar and TekWar: TekLords. Her early science fiction role in TekWar would be a harbinger of things to come for Lexa Doig.

She’s Had A Prolific Acting Career

Lexa Doig in Jason X

Lexa Doig’s early career was a mixture of TV series and TV movies. She nailed early roles in series’ such as F/X: The Series, Ready or Not, CI5: The New Professionals, and Traders, and she also lent her voice to the animated series Flash Gordon.

Early on, Lexa made her feature film debut in the 1995 film Jungleground and then got her second role in the 2000 film No Alibi, but it wasn’t until 2001 that Lexa Doig got her first big feature film role.

In 2001, Lexa’s first big feature film role came in the slasher horror film Jason X. Yes, the one that took our favorite Camp Crystal Lake slasher 445 years into the future just so he could do his brutal business in space.

Lexa is Rowan LaFontaine, a government scientist who, in 2008, has been studying Jason Voorhees after the U.S. government captured him. When Jason turns the tables on Rowan and the other scientists, he ends up being cryogenically frozen, along with Rowan. Fast forward 445 years and both are aboard the spaceship Grendel, and all hell is about to break loose.

Thankfully, the poor showing of the movie did not derail Lexa Doig’s career.

Lexa Doig on Andromeda

Lexa Doig in Andromeda
Lexa Doig in Andromeda

Prior to Jason X, Doig had joined the cast of the science fiction TV series, Andromeda. The series lasted 5 seasons with Doig appearing in each. The series was created by Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry and started Kevin Sorbo (Hercules) in the lead role of Dylan Hunt, the captain of the spaceship Andromeda Ascendant. On Andromeda, Doig plays Rommie, a powerful artificial intelligent interface that projects as a female.

After being caught up in a war, Hunt’s crew evacuates the ship, leaving Hunt and Rommie on board. The spaceship then gets caught at the edge of a black hole, freezing both Hunt and Rommie in time. Forward 3000 years and a salvage ship finds the Andromeda Ascendant, where they defrost Hunt and Rommie. The space adventures begin.

Lexa Doig on Stargate SG-1

When the Andromeda series ended in 2005, Doig went on to the series The 4400 and Killer Instinct before getting an 11-episode run on Stargate SG-1. Doig was brought on as Dr. Carolyn Lam, the new Chief Medical Officer after the prior one, Dr. Janet Fraiser (Teryl Rothery).

Doig joined during the series’ ninth season, playing in 11 episodes. Doig would also return for Stargate SG-1’s final season for 2 episodes.

Life After SG-1

lexa doig
Lexa Doig in Supernatural

Lexa Doig was a busy actress in the mid-2000s. On top of the TV movies Ba’al and Fireball, Doig was also doing time on TV series such as Eureka, Supernatural, V, Primeval: New World, Arctic Air, and Continuum, where she played Sonya Valentine.

Another few series in which Lexa Doig made her mark included The Arrangement and CW’s The Arrow, where she played Talia al Ghul. Doig also returned to her horror roots by taking a 6-episode run on the TV series Chucky.

Most recently, Lexa Doig has been seen on the TV series Virgin River and also co-starring with Marilu Henner and Candace Cameron Bure on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel series The Aurora Teagarden Mysteries. The series is based on an Aurora Teagarden book series by author Charlaine Harris. In it, Doig plays Aurora’s best friend, Sally Allison.

Lexa Doig also appeared on the new Chucky TV series in 2021 and continues to work both as an actress and an acting teacher.

She Is Married To Andromeda And Stargate Star Michael Shanks

michael shanks lexa doig
Michael Shanks and Lexa Doig in Andromeda

Lexa Doig met her future husband, actor Michael Shanks, on the set of Andromeda in 2001. Two years later, the pair married. They even worked together one more time on Andromeda in 2003.

Andromeda wasn’t the only time the pair found time on the screen together. They were on the final two seasons of Stargate SG-1, they worked on the action thriller film Tactical Force, and most recently, husband and wife worked together on the Netflix Original series Virgin River.

Lexa Doig in Virgin River (2019)

Their 20 years of marriage have produced two children, a son, and a daughter, and they also have a child from Michael Shanks’ previous marriage.

While the couple keeps busy with their acting roles, they also have another way of staying busy. The two are actively involved with the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada as charity fundraising partners.