Law & Order Actor Indicted For Murder In New York

By Faith McKay | 2 weeks ago

law & order

Isaiah Stokes is a 41-year-old actor and rapper. He appeared on Law & Order SVU, Boardwalk Empire, and several other television series over the past decade, while at the same time building his career as a rapper. He was recently arrested and has been indicted for second-degree murder and weapons possession charges. The actor was seen on camera in Queens, New York City exiting a vehicle, walking over to a Jeep Cherokee, and firing a gun 11 times into the car. This shooting resulted in the death of Tyrone Jones, who was 37 years old and pronounced dead at the scene by EMS. At this time, law enforcement hasn’t revealed the motive for the violent murder, which happened in the middle of the day on February 7, 2021. If he is convicted of the crime, he faces 25 years to life in prison.

The Queens District Attorney, Melinda Katz, commented on the situation saying that they would not allow gun violence to become normal in the area and that it was already too prevalent. Meanwhile, the defense attorney for Isaiah Stokes has declined to comment. Reporters have been unable to determine if he actually has a defense lawyer. Since he was seen on camera, it’s unclear why it took until now for law enforcement to make progress on the case involving the former Law & Order actor. Isaiah Stokes only appeared on one episode of the series. His career had involved many one-time appearances as side characters on shows. Over the years of his career, his appearance changed a lot. It’s possible that it took the police a while to recognize him or to build a thorough case.

Meanwhile, the former Law & Order actor seemed to be someone with a lot of hope, at least according to his online persona. His LinkedIn profile said “…to a billion and beyond”, and his Twitter bio talked about how he was a future icon. Isaiah Stokes was dedicated to growing his career as rapper I$AIAH. He seemed interested in talking himself up as a CEO of his record company, actor, and rapper. It’s unknown why Isaiah Stokes allegedly murdered Tyrone Jones so violently in the middle of the day, but likely that those details will emerge during the trial. The former Law & Order star returns to court on Monday.

law & order

Despite the hundreds of actors who have been on Law & Order and its many spinoff series, it’s not actually all that common for actors from the shows to appear in the news for terrible crimes, especially one as brazen as eleven shots in the middle of the day.

Meanwhile, the many Law & Order spinoffs are still on television, with reruns airing daily. Isaiah Stokes was part of a 2009 episode on Special Victims Unit where star Mariska Hargitay was absent. The actress was actually in the hospital with a collapsed lung at the time. Detective Stabler, played by Christopher Meloni, has to work a serial killer case without her, and then ends up connected to another detective he doesn’t want to work with. Isaiah Stokes played a minor role in the 2009 episode.