The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan Is Bloodied In Revealing First Look At Mid-Season Premiere

Check out the latest image of Lauren Cohan from the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead. It's a bloodied and harrowing look

By Carolyn Jenkins | Published

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Lauren Cohan, The Walking Dead

After over a decade of monsters, gore, and mayhem, The Walking Dead is finally coming to a close. The show first aired in 2010, starring Andrew Lincoln and Jon Bernthal (via Since then both actors have reached heights in their success as their characters disappeared and died respectively. The Walking Dead lived on through characters such as Carol and Daryl, though there were some specific fan favorites like Lauren Cohan.

Lauren Cohan has portrayed Maggie Greene Rhee since season 2 and is back for the rest of the final season. TV Line recently published a photo of Maggie’s look for the mid-season premiere. Bloodied and holding a quiver of arrows, Maggie continues to be a powerhouse and one of the more formative characters in the series. Check out the first look:

Lauren Cohan The Walking Dead

Lauren Cohan’s Maggie first appeared after Carl was accidentally shot by Otis in a hunting accident. Desperate to save him, Rick and Lori took Carl to the Greene farm to be treated. Maggie was one of Hershel Greene’s two daughters and quickly became an accepted member of the group. Her relationship with Glenn Rhee was the one shining point in the grim world of The Walking Dead, though they were separated many times. One of the most heartbreaking moments of the show is when Glenn is brutally murdered by Negan in one of the worst moments in The Walking Dead history.

Despite this heartache, Maggie persevered. She ran the community in Hilltop and eventually gave birth to Glenn’s son. Lauren Cohan was absent from the show for a time but returned during the saga with the Whisperers. She appears to be in The Walking Dead for the long haul and is slated to appear in the rest of season 11. Though this is the end for the iconic series, AMC is not through with walkers quite yet.

The Walking Dead has proven to be a hot commodity for the network. Fear the Walking Dead continues other stories in the same universe with Morgan (Lennie James) at the forefront. Also set to come out is Tales of the Walking Dead. The show is an anthology series which plans to expand on the world that fans have come to know. Fans can also expect an additional spin-off featuring Carol and Daryl who have been on the series since season 1 (via The Hollywood Reporter). Lauren Cohan has not been vocal on what her future plans are. Though she had originally quit The Walking Dead, Cohan states that she has truly enjoyed the new season as Maggie continues to clash with Negan.

While there seem to be no plans to continue Lauren Cohan’s character, the actress does have a few projects in the works. Cohan will be contributing her voice to the upcoming anime film Catwoman: Hunted as Julia Pennyworth (via Movie Web). The film will be the first animated feature with Catwoman as a lead character. Cohan has also joined the cast of Zack Snyder’s Norse mythology animated series Twilight of the Gods (via Entertainment Weekly). But in the meantime, viewers can catch the actress as Maggie when The Walking Dead returns on February 20th.