Last Of Us Spin-Off Already In The Works?

Nick Offerman has lobbied for Bill and Frank to receive their own Last of Us spin-off series.

By James Brizuela | Published

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For those who have seen The Last of Us episode 3, you may want to look away, as the rest of this article will contain spoilers for the series. For those who have seen it, it appears that there could be a spin-off in the works for everyone’s favorite characters: Bill and Frank. Nick Offerman stated, “You’re goddamn right we can imagine a spin-off…We’ve done nothing but pleasure ourselves to visions of a spin-off, prequels, epilogues, you name it.”

Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett portrayed Bill and Frank in The Last of Us series, which saw both characters receive a different backstory apart from the ones given to them in the video game. The highly emotional episode left the world reeling, as it took a deeper look at what love would look like in an apocalyptic landscape. It was truly a special episode that many never saw coming, especially those who have played the video game.

During The Last of Us episode 3, Bill and Frank meet one another by happenstance, as Frank falls into a hole designed to catch Infected. At first, Bill is scared to let anyone into his private life, but we slowly see Frank tear down Bill’s non-trusting nature. The pair fall in love, and we all but skip 20 years of their lives, as they see a fulfilled existence despite the harrowing world, they live in.

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Both Offerman and Bartlett explained it would be great to go back and cover those 20 years more in-depth in a Last of Us spin-off series. Offerman joked that ” Five 10- episode seasons should probably cover it.” While we don’t think that Offerman would get that much coverage for his proposed spin-off, it would be great to see the characters receive more of an in-depth look at the lives they created with one another.

The Last of Us has not yet revealed if there would be any spin-offs, but we would certainly vote for Bill and Frank to receive their own. Despite what internet haters have had to say about the episode, it received 12% more viewership than episode 2 and 47% more viewership than episode 1. The series has now garnered a staggering 15 million people viewing per episode.

The Last of Us video games are quite straightforward, though there are plenty of characters we would love to see covered in potential spin-offs. Despite the obvious choice of Bill and Frank, we could also see Tommy’s life covered. Though he only showed up in the first episode, his past is worth covering, though we won’t reveal that in this piece.

The Last of Us is currently streaming on HBO Max, and the first three episodes are available to stream right now. New episodes of the series will become available Sundays at 9 PM EST and can be viewed on both HBO and HBO Max. For those who have not yet seen the series, we highly recommend watching it, as it has been one of the best shows released in recent memory.

The Last of Us has already been approved for a second season, though we could see spin-offs happening in the future as well. HBO has hit a home run with this adaptation, and we would love to see more about this highly emotional and frightening post-apocalyptic world.