See Lance Reddick As Resident Evil’s Worst Villain In New Trailer

By James Brizuela | 6 seconds ago

Lance Reddick

The teaser trailer for Resident Evil has officially dropped from Netflix, bringing in a ton of horrific images of experiments and zombies. Lance Reddick is portraying a new version of the long-time villain of the franchise, Albert Wesker. However, it was not revealed until later in the series that Wesker was behind a lot of T-virus getting out and poisoning the world. Sorry if that is spoilers, but that was established back in the 1990s. Fans might notice this immediately in the trailer, as he is shown experimenting on rats. You can see the excitable trailer below:

What is interesting about this trailer is that there seems to be a significant time jump happening. We see what appears to be Albert Wesker’s daughter, only she goes from being a teenager to an adult in some quick scene changes. There is a timestamp of 2022 New Racoon City that catapults into 2036 London. This time-traveling element is sure to divide fans, as that was not necessarily happened in any of the video games. However, it could mean that we are meant to see the life that Wesker (Lance Reddick) lived before turning himself into a superhuman of sorts.

The future looks horrifying as one of Wesker’s daughters is now thrust into a compound of sorts that is surrounded by a massive number of zombies. There are quick flashes shown of fan-favorite enemies too. Those include what appears to be a Licker and a Zombie Dog. Also, if we are not mistaken, there is something in a tank that might be Mr. X or could be a Tyrant. Either of those big baddies is sure to excite and frighten fans of the franchise. Lance Reddick also seems to be torturing someone, which is another indication that his fall into being the villainous Albert Wesker might happen quite quickly. There are also plenty of images of the Umbrella Corporation logo, including a cuddly bear that might serve as a sort of Hive-like A.I. entity for Umbrella. We might be seeing some elements for the films blend in with the new series.

Resident Evil has become a storied franchise since the original game was released back in 1996. Since then, a host of sequels, films, spinoffs, and movies have been a part of pop culture every single decade. While the Milla Jovovich-led films were not well-received, the animation series and other live-action pursuits have attempted to make good on the traditional Resident Evil continuity. It looks as if Lance Reddick is meant to show everyone how Albert Wesker became a mad scientist and created zombies in the first place.

Resident Evil will debut exclusively on Netflix on July 14th. Lance Reddick is joined by Ella Balinska, Turlough Convery, Tetiana Gaidar, and Connor Gosatti. So far, only Albert Wesker has been named as the only legacy character that is meant to show up in this new rehashed story. We might see long-time protagonists Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, and Leon Kennedy, but that has not been made public just yet. This could be another attempt to take the events of Resident Evil and put a fresh spin on them. However, Wesker will certainly be a focal point of this new story.