Sabrina Star To Lead New Break-Up Comedy

It looks like one of the stars of the Sabrina franchise just landed a very different kind of role for the actress.

By Doug Norrie | Published

kiernan shipka

When an actress has literally grown up on the screen before the viewer’s very eyes, it can sometimes be like watching someone we know or have been familiar with for quite some time. Such is the case for Kiernan Shipka who’s been acting on screen since the tender age of five months old. But her career really took off when she was cast in an iconic and award-winning series. Since then she’s been taking on more roles and now she is about to add a new one to the resume, a slightly different kind of project than she’s worked on up until this point. Deadline has it that Kiernan Shipka has landed a role in Sweethearts. It looks like a movie more than a few people will be able to identify with.

According to the early log lines, Kiernan Shipka and Nico Haraga will star in Sweethearts and it’s shaping up to be a comedy around an all-too-familiar scenario for some college students. In the movie, the two play friends who have spent freshman year at school but are now returning for Thanksgiving break. The problem is that both are still technically dating their high school plus-ones and this weekend they’ve made a pact to dump their respective boyfriends and start over. It looks like Sweethearts will follow the one-epic-night formula, this one set on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving which is notorious for being about as big a party night as there is in the United States. It appears the flick will have plenty of laughs but will also explore the friendship between the two leads as well.

And in terms of direction, Kiernan Shipka and Nico Haraga will have some comedic chops behind the lens as well. That will be Jordan Weiss who is best know for creating and writing the Kat Dennings series Dollface on Hulu. That show lasted two seasons on the streamer before being canceled and told the story of a woman who has to recover from a breakup while also reestablishing the female relationships she’d lost along the way. 

As for Kiernan Shipka, well, like I said she’s been doing this for a long time. Sure, she’s playing a college student now, but even that feels odd considering how long she’s been on the screen. She first came to prominence when she landed a role in Mad Men as Sally Draper at the age of eight years old. She kept that part for all seven award-winning seasons. After that, she starred in Netflix’s The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina as the titular character. The show had a darker vibe to it, a bit different than its predecessor, Sabrina the Teenage Witch though Shipka was excellent in the role.

Now, Kiernan Shipka will head off to college for this comedy, a genre that hasn’t been in her wheelhouse yet, but could easily become the next big career move. There’s currently no exact timeline on when we will see Sweethearts though with much of the casting in place we could see production start relatively soon.