Ken Jennings Reveals Jeopardy! Show Secret By Total Accident

Jeopardy host Ken Jennings accidentally revealed the back of a Final Jeopardy card on-screen, allowing viewers to screenshot and examine it.

By Britta DeVore | Updated

ken jennings jeopardy

Ken Jennings recently gave Jeopardy! viewers a look at how the sausage is made when the increasingly controversial host shared a quick glimpse of the back of his Final Jeopardy card. Posting the image on Twitter, which you can see below, one super fan and fashion enthusiast screenshotted the moment during which the game show’s host flashed a peek at the back of the filled-out card. In what she referred to as a “rare look,” the Twitter user explained to fellow fans who wrote the Final Jeopardy card and what specific information goes into it. 

In what have many times been the make-or-break question, Final Jeopardy allows any contestant with $1 or more to place a wager on the show’s closeout quandary of the night. After the host, in this episode’s case Ken Jennings, announces the category, the show cuts to a commercial break with the contestants filling out their wagers for the yet-to-be-revealed question. When the game comes back on the air, the question is asked, and the Jeopardy! contestants have a limited amount of time to scribble their answers down before the big (and often game-making) answer is revealed. 

This fun behind-the-scenes look into the game show making magic will certainly be a welcome one for a fandom that has found itself less than pleased with how things in the world of Jeopardy! have been shaking out over the last few months.

From a vocal pushback surrounding one of the competition’s categories to a major concern about how things are shifting for the upcoming Tournament of Champions, the fans have spoken, and the majority seems to be displeased. And then, of course, there’s the ongoing drama surrounding co-hosts Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik who have both found themselves in hot water with loyal Jeopardy! fans. 

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After standing at the helm of one of America’s most beloved game shows for decades, replacing a name and face like Alex Trebek was always going to be a monumental one. While audiences cheered for stars like LeVar Burton to helm the nightly trivia game, the torch would officially be passed to ex-champion Ken Jennings and The Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik. Although both have brought their own flair and knowledge to the game of Jeopardy, each host has also received a fair amount of pushback from the show’s dedicated following. 

For Mayim Bialik, fans have seemingly taken offense at nearly everything the co-host has done, whether it really is her fault or something that lies on the side of production. With audiences clamoring for Ken Jennings to return to his Jeopardy! co-hosting duties early, his return has been no walk in the park as viewers quickly turned against him after some-shake ups that included incorrect answers being awarded points. 

But, despite some disgruntled moments, it’s really all about the love of the game for the show’s stalwart following who have tuned in night after night to play alongside the wide array of contestants touting their knowledge on national TV. This latest bit of Ken Jennings-centered behind-the-scenes Jeopardy! fun reminds us of the hard work and dedication that goes into making the series a success night after night and season after season.