John Wick 4 Spinning Off Its Coolest Character Into A New Project?

John Wick actor Donnie Yen would love to make a Caine spinoff.

By Chad Langen | Updated

Donnie Yen in John Wick: Chapter 4

The success of the John Wick franchise has led to several spinoffs that will explore the world of assassins beyond Keanu Reeves‘ character, including the television series The Continental and the Ana de Armas-led spinoff film Ballerina. Of course, Lionsgate’s explosive film series is chock-full of fascinating characters that could easily carry their own spinoff stories. Donnie Yen recently told Variety that he would jump at the opportunity to do a spinoff project revolving around his John Wick: Chapter 4 character Caine.

While describing his displeasure with unconscious Asian stereotypes in Hollywood films, Yen shared his desire to reprise his role as Caine, a blind and extremely-skilled assassin and martial artist, from the latest John Wick installment. “I’d love to do a John Wick spinoff centered around Caine,” he said. As for the chances of the project ever happening, he added, “There’s always ‘talks’ in Hollywood.”

Considering the early box office success of John Wick: Chapter 4, a spinoff film or television series centered around Donnie Yen’s character is entirely possible. Of course, Caine is just one of many characters in the popular franchise with a rich backstory and an intriguing personality. With that said, the John Wick universe is ripe for further expansion and exploration.

Lionsgate has already begun to branch out from the main series, with the TV show The Continental and the movie Ballerina currently in development. The Continental will be centered around the infamous hotel for assassins, exploring the inner workings and history of the establishment. The series will expand on the lore of the John Wick universe.

The Continental is scheduled to premiere on Peacock this September and will consist of three 90-minute episodes that will be set in New York City in 1970. The John Wick spinoff series stars Mel Gibson, Colin Woodell, Peter Greene, Nhung Kate, Katie McGrath, Jessica Allain, Adam Shapiro, Jeremy Bobb, and Sallay Garnett. The show was developed by Greg Coolidge, Kirk Ward, and Shawn Simmons.

Meanwhile, the John Wick spinoff film Ballerina is currently in post-production, and a release date has yet to be announced. The story will focus on a young female assassin seeking revenge for the death of her family. Directed by Len Wiseman, the movie stars Ana de Armas, Lance Reddick, Keanu Reeves, Ian McShane, Anjelica Houston, Norman Reedus, and Gabriel Byrne.

John Wick spinoff

It probably goes without saying that the future is bright for John Wick. While we wait to see how Lionsgate expands beyond the titular character in its upcoming spinoff projects, you can check out John Wick: Chapter 4, which is now playing in theaters around the world. The film stars Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Clancy Brown, Lance Reddick, Bill Skarsgard, and Ian McShane.

In the film, John Wick uncovers a path to defeating the High Table. But before he can earn his freedom, he must face off against a new enemy with powerful alliances across the world and forces that turn old friends into enemies. The movie was directed by Chad Stahelski, who helmed the previous John Wick installments, from a screenplay by Shay Hatten and Michael Finch. As for those hoping to see a John Wick spinoff involving Caine, only time will tell.