See John Stamos Celebrate Being Cast As Marvel’s New Iron Man

Stamos is who now?

By Britta DeVore | Published

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John Stamos can’t get any respect, even in his own house. The Full House star was recently announced to be voicing the animated version of Iron Man in Disney Junior’s series, Marvel’s Spidey and His Amazing Friends. While one would think this would be the coolest thing to Stamos’ four-year-old son, Billy, the youngster wasn’t super impressed with his dad’s breaking news. Taking to Instagram to share the casting reveal with his followers, Stamos asks his son who he thinks will be voicing the role of Iron Man in the superhero based series. 

Eagerly and excitedly responding, Billy confidently says “Robert Downey Jr.,” who fans will know played the role of the Avengers hero in the live-action films over the last 10+ years. Taken back by his son’s response, Stamos laughs before asking a question he didn’t want to know the answer to: “Who’s your favorite Iron Man?” Judging by the answer to the first question, we would’ve just dropped it there, John, but what followed ended up making for an excellent Instagram post. Billy once again says “Robert Downey Jr.” to a giggling John Stamos who looks around the room and responds “who told you to say that?” to his amused son. 

John Stamos is the newest name added to the call sheet for the second season of the hit Marvel and Disney series which is slated for an August release date. The computer animated show follows younger versions of the franchise’s favorite superheroes on adventures and missions to stop villains including Green Goblin (JP Karliak) and Rhino (Justin Shenkarow). The debut season focused on a main cast consisting of Peter Parker aka Spidey (Benjamin Valic), Miles Morales aka Spin (Jakari Fraser), and Ghost-Spider aka Gwen Stacy (Lily Sanfelippo). Other Marvel characters who made appearances included Ms. Marvel (Sandra Saad), Black Panther (Tru Valentino), and Hulk (Armen Taylor). Joining John Stamos and his Iron Man in the second season will be fellow heroes, Ant-Man (Sean Giambrone), Wasp (Maya Tuttle), and Reptil (Hoku Ramirez), anti-heroine Black Cat (Jaiden Klein), and villains Sandman (Tom Wilson), and Electro (Stephanie Lemelin). 

More excited than Billy about his father’s latest character nab are longtime fans of the actor. Making a name for himself starring as the ever-cool Uncle Jesse on Full House, the television star reprised his role for the show’s spinoff Fuller House which bowed out back in 2020 after five seasons. He also starred on the campy, short lived Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Ian Brennan created series, Scream Queens in the show’s second and final season. More recently, John Stamos has been seen in the Disney+ series Big Shot, which was previously renewed for a second season. As for the world of animation, Stamos worked alongside his ex co-star, the late Bob Saget, on Saget’s satirical film, Farce of the Penguins

Although Billy might not be super impressed with his dad donning the suit of Iron Man, his time on the show gives parents watching with kids a familiar voice to listen to. That being said, the question as to who is the better Iron Man between John Stamos and Robert Downey Jr. is yet to be determined. That’ll be a tough call that only time will tell, John!

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