Jeopardy! About To Announce Permanent Hosts

Fans can breathe easy, as it has been announced by the executive producer of Jeopardy! that a new host will be announced very soon.

By James Brizuela | Published


Are we finally going to find out who is the new host of Jeopardy! Well, that seems to be what the executive producer of the show, Michael Davies, has formally announced. Davies took over after the fiasco with Mike Richards, who was an executive producer and was meant to be the permanent host but was found to have deeply troubling sexist remarks on his podcast. Now that Davies is in control, he spoke at the 49th Daytime Emmy Awards, where he gave fans a promising update about who is going to be the host of the future. According to Davies, “But with all of our plans for Jeopardy! — which is more Jeopardy!, not less, more versions — we’re going to need multiple hosts to represent the entire audience, to represent the entire country, in order to take this franchise forward.” He also stated that the hosting announcement is coming, “very, very soon.”

What is interesting about this comment is that Davies has suggested there are going to be hosts and not a host. That could mean that we are going to get Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik, or some other combination. There have been plenty of capable hosts of Jeopardy!, and we wouldn’t mind seeing another carousel of celebrities stepping in to take over the job. Aaron Rodgers had hoped to land a permanent role, but he is a professional football player, and he is going to be busy very soon with gearing up for this season. Fans around the world had also hoped to see LaVar Burton return in the role as well, though he has stated that he felt used by the quiz show. Still, we would all like to see the man return as host.

The obvious choices for hosting duties of Jeopardy! are Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik. However, there has been plenty of people who have opposed allowing Bialik to remain as a host, for some odd reason. Jennings had also been taking some months off, which could mean that he was gearing up to have a more extended stay on the quiz show. Then again, the producers of the show might just throw everyone a curveball and pick completely different hosts, or previously stated, bring in another round of carousel celebrities that can fill in. Interestingly, Davies did say “more versions” of the show. This could mean that the quiz show is planning to break away from its usual format, which would certainly warrant bringing in more than one host.

Jeopardy! has been one of the longest-standing shows on television. Tragedy struck when long-time host Alek Trebek lost his battle with cancer, and the show has tried replacing him for months now to no avail. The carousel of hosts did work out well, but scheduling conflicts might be an issue for plenty of those people that had been brought in. Anyone who has hosted before likely wants their own lucrative deal that would land them on the quiz show for the foreseeable future. That is why Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik make the most sense. However, we are going to find out who the hosts are soon. Fans of the show have certainly waited long enough to hear about who is going to take this franchise forward.