Jennifer Lopez’s Fashion Choice Injured Her Most Famous Co-Star

Jennifer Lopez cut Jane Fonda's face with a diamond ring in Monster In Law's slap scene.

By TeeJay Small | Updated

jennifer lopez
Monster In Law

Jennifer Lopez is known for her bold fashion choices and dazzling looks, sometimes taking fashion so seriously… it hurts. In one such instance, according to Deadline, Lopez cut open Jane Fonda‘s eyebrow with her massive diamond ring. The incident occurred while shooting the infamous slap fight scene in the 2005 romantic comedy Monster In Law.

Monster In Law centers on Jennifer Lopez’ Charlie Cantilini, as she prepares for her wedding to Michael Vartan’s Dr. Kevin Fields, despite his mother, as expertly played by the legendary Jane Fonda, attempting to intervene at every turn. The film is a classic tale of the nightmare mother-in-law, ratcheted up to nearly absurd lengths. Jane Fonda recently appeared on an episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, where she reminisced about an infamous scene from the film.

In the climactic scene, Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda engage in an argument hours before the wedding, when Fonda’s character, Viola, shows up wearing a white dress. Before long, the argument balloons out of control, leading to a physical altercation, with the women exchanging open hand slaps until they are separated from one another. During the filming of this scene, Jane Fonda claims, she sustained an injury that broke skin across her eyebrow, when Jennifer Lopez slapped her with an enormous diamond ring on her finger.

Fonda joked to Drew Barrymore that Jennifer Lopez didn’t even apologize after causing the injury, a reference to a line of dialogue spoken in the scene. During the Drew Barrymore Show appearance, which Jane Fonda shared with legendary actress Lily Tomlin, the three women joked and looked back at iconic roles throughout their storied careers, bonding over the shared experiences of behind-the-scenes faux pas.

Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda also plugged their upcoming joint project, Moving On, in which the pair portray two estranged friends seeking revenge on the husband of their late compatriot.

Monster In Law marked Jane Fonda’s first film appearance following a 15-year hiatus from acting after 1990’s Stanley & Iris. The film was written by Anya Kochoff and directed by Robert Luketic, and starred Wanda Sykes, Will Arnett, and Adam Scott alongside Jane Fonda and Jennifer Lopez. Despite mixed reviews from critics, the film amassed over $154 million on an estimated budget of only $43 million.

jennifer lopez shotgun wedding
Shotgun Wedding

Jennifer Lopez has continued to star in a series of hilarious romantic comedies, including 2010’s The Back Up Plan, 2018’s Second Act, and most recently 2022’s Shotgun Wedding. In the latter, Jennifer Lopez nearly suffered a much worse fate than a cut across the eyebrow, when a stunt gone wrong nearly ended with her going flying off a cliff to her certain demise. Lopez recently recounted the behind-the-scenes story of how her co-star, Josh Duhamel, narrowly saved her from the accident at the last second.

With 4 films in various stages of active production according to IMDb, Jennifer Lopez certainly shows no signs of slowing or stopping any time soon. The singer, dancer, and actor has continued to make waves everywhere she goes, but wild stories about cutting her co-stars behind the scenes remind us that she’ll always be Jenny from the block.