See The First Look At Jennifer Garner’s Body-Switch Comedy On Netflix

By Chad Langen | Updated

Jennifer Garner is poised to make a comeback to the body-swap genre in the upcoming Netflix comedy Family Switch, directed by McG. (per Entertainment Weekly) has given an early glimpse of the film ahead of its November streaming release. In contrast to her role in 2004’s 13 Going on 30, this time Garner’s character will inhabit her teenage daughter’s body rather than transitioning from a teenager to an adult.

20 years after 13 Going on 30 had her go from teen to adult Jennifer Garner is an adult becoming a teen in Family Switch on Netflix.

Family Switch

Family Switch centers around Jess (Jennifer Garner) and Bill Walker, a couple navigating the challenges of raising their increasingly self-reliant children as they strive to maintain familial bonds. After an unexpected encounter with an astrologer at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, the Walkers find themselves waking up the next day having swapped bodies – a transformation that even extends to their baby brother Miles and the family dog. This enchanting twist unfolds on pivotal days in each Walker’s life, compelling the clashing family to come together in their quest for a job promotion, a record deal, a college interview, and a soccer tryout.

Family Switch will include references to Jennifer Garner’s 13 Going on 30.

The film is based on the late Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s 2010 children’s book Bedtime for Mommy. In addition to Jennifer Garner, Family Switch stars Ed Helms, Xosha Roquemore, Fortune Feimster, Bashir Salahuddin, Matthias Schweighöfer, Paul Scheer, and Pete Holmes. The screenplay was collaboratively penned by Chris Shafer, Victoria Strouse, Adam Sztykiel, and Paul Vicknair.

Director McG has revealed that Family Switch takes on a “very meta” quality as it openly references Jennifer Garner’s prior body-swap film, 13 Going on 30. In that film, a 13-year-old girl wishes to mature and gain popularity, awakening as a 30-year-old with success and glamour. Family Switch will offer plenty of playful nods to Garner’s earlier role, according to the director.

Jennifer Garner Is Joining The MCU

Apart from Family Switch, Jennifer Garner has several other projects in the pipeline. Notably, she’s set to return as Elektra Natchios in Marvel Studio’s highly anticipated Deadpool 3, marking her third portrayal of the character. Garner initially appeared as the character in Daredevil, starring Ben Affleck, and later in the standalone movie Elektra.

While information about the plot of Deadpool 3 and Jennifer Garner’s role remains limited, it’s confirmed that the movie will introduce Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) into the MCU. The story will reportedly see the Merc with a Mouth join forces with Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) to take down a common enemy. The two are expected to cross paths with both existing Marvel characters and those from 20th Century Fox’s movies.

Jennifer Garner is also attached to the upcoming television series Can’t Go Home, where she’ll play a fugitive recovery agent, KD Williams, who is in too deep. The series, which was created by Amy and Tom Mariano, is set to premiere December 29. Along with Jennifer Garner, the show stars Esai Morales and Michele Dawson.

Other projects Jennifer Garner is linked to include the musical comedy Fantasy Camp and the action film Jackpot. Both films are currently in pre-production without confirmed release dates. Given the ongoing writers’ and actors’ strikes, it might take a while before either of these projects can begin production.