An Unappreciated Jeffrey Dean Morgan Action Movie Is Now On Netflix

By Rick Gonzales | 12 hours ago

jeffrey dean morgan losers

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has starred in his share of comic book movies or series, most notably The Watchmen (Comedian) and The Walking Dead (Negan). Now, one of his more underappreciated features is available to be appreciated on Netflix. The Losers boasts a wonderful cast that not only includes Jeffrey Dean Morgan but also Idris Elba, Zoe Saldana, Chris Evans, and Jason Patric.

The Losers are a group of U.S. Special Forces operatives, a black ops team, that include Roque (Elba), Pooch, Jensen (Evans), and Cougar. Clay (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is their leader. When we first see our group of Losers, they are on a search-and-destroy mission in Bolivia. Their goal is to take out a compound run by an infamous drug lord. While setting up their airstrike, the group spies slave children inside the compound. They attempt to call off the airstrike but their superior, who goes by the handle Max (Patric), ignores their request.

The Losers, led by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, decide to make their move, even with the impending airstrike. As they rescue the children, they also fulfill their mission of killing the drug lord. A helicopter arrives to pick them all up. Max, thinking the Losers have seen and know way too much, decides their fate. He orders the helicopter destroyed, not knowing the Losers chose to save the children first.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

When the helicopter is blown up, killing all aboard, the Losers play dead in order to exact their brand of revenge. Four months later and still stuck in Bolivia, the mysterious Aisha (Saldana) approaches Clay (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) with an offer to get the group back to America if they will help her take out Max. The Losers are all in.

Back in America, the Losers attack a convoy that supposedly carries Max. What they find out instead is that Aisha tricked them to instead steal a hard drive containing all of Max’s secrets.

Jensen, the Losers computer whiz, is not whiz enough to break into Max’s encrypted hard drive. They now need to break into the company that made the hard drives in order to steal the algorithm that will help him crack Max’s code. Doing so, it is revealed to Jensen that Max has a $400 million transfer in his name for Sonic Nukes, bombs that have the power of a nuke but not the same radioactive fallout.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

While the Losers form a plan of attack, Jensen continues to study the hard drive, finding out more information. He finds out that their Bolivia mission was actually a cover allowing for Max to eliminate the drug lord, who had discovered Max’s plan. Jensen also figures out that Aisha is the drug lord’s daughter. There are many more surprises in The Losers, the main one being someone in the crew is not who they claim to be.

Sylvain White took the reigns on The Losers from a script written by Peter Berg and James Vanderbilt. The film was based on the Vertigo Comic book of the same name from Andy Diggle and Jock (aka Mark Simpson). White was given a $25 million budget but wasn’t rewarded for his take on the material, bringing in only $30 million at the box office.

It’s hard to say that Jeffrey Dean Morgan was simply languishing in mediocrity as it pertains to his career at the time. His early career consisted of TV series like Extreme, Mystery Dance, Sliders, and The Burning Zone as well as Walker, Texas Ranger, ER, The Practice, JAG, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and Star Trek: Enterprise. He was definitely getting a ton of work.

But it wasn’t until Jeffrey Dean Morgan joined Grey’s Anatomy in 2006 in a recurring role as heart transplant patient and love interest to Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl), Denny Duquette, that his career truly began to take off. Not only was Morgan recurring in Grey’s Anatomy, but he was also part of two other popular series, the CW’s Supernatural and Showtime’s Weeds.

Hollywood could see what Jeffrey Dean Morgan could offer, so time and time again, Morgan was given his chance at a series of his own. Morgan got his chance on series such as Magic City, Texas Rising, and Extant, none of which stuck around for long. Jeffrey Dean Morgan also joined the cast of The Good Wife, which saw him recur for two seasons.

Hollywood also saw his potential on the big screen. Jeffrey Dean Morgan found features such as Texas Killing Fields, The Possession, the remake of Red Dawn, Heist, Guns for Hire, Rampage, and his latest The Unholy.

What Jeffrey Dean Morgan is best known for, though, is for his controversial role as the Lucille-wielding Negan in The Walking Dead. His introduction to the series was mind-blowing, literally. Morgan has held onto his role as Negan for six seasons and looks to be a main part of the show’s final season.

With most of his efforts concentrating on the last season of The Walking Dead, Jeffrey Dean Morgan has only one other future project lined up, that being the feature The Integrity of Joseph Chambers.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and The Losers are now available on Netflix.