See Jeff Goldblum As The New Joker

By Dan Lawrence | 1 month ago

jeff goldblum

Right now is well and truly the time of Batman. This year we have been blessed with Matt Reeves’ The Batman, and next year in The Flash audiences will be treated to the return of both Ben Affleck’s and Michael Keaton’s Batmen. Of course, one can’t think of Batman without thinking about his arch-nemesis The Joker, and it would appear that Jeff Goldblum has this on his mind as well.

The eccentric, loveable and downright awesome actor Jeff Goldblum took to Instagram to share a fun little post of his activities last weekend. On the right-hand side of his post was his Sunday night at the Oscars, looking as suave and dapper as ever. On the left of the post, Jeff Goldblum revealed that on Saturday he was dressed up as the clown prince of crime as part of fatherly birthday party duties. Goldblum playfully captioned the post; “Get u a man who can do both…from birthday party Dad on Saturday to Oscar Sunday.”

Now birthday parties aside, Jeff Goldblum looks very convincing in his Joker get-up. Not only that, but he is the perfect type of actor to embrace such a role. Goldblum fizzes with energy, sometimes chaotic, sometimes suave, always strikingly intelligent, with wit and charm to boot. The perfect recipe to twist it all into the manic persona of the Joker. However, before fans rush to get Goldblum cast as the next Joker it’s prudent to consider that this is all hypothetical and more importantly, the cinema landscape is saturated with Jokers at this moment in time, as it is indeed with Batmen. 

Recently, the clown prince of crime has gone through several cinematic iterations. There was Jared Leto’s take in Suicide Squad, Joaquin Phoenix’s Oscar-winning portrayal in Joker, and Barry Keoghan has just made his bow as the iconic character in The Batman. Additionally, there was Zach Galifiankis’ witty take on the character in The Lego Batman movie. That’s quite a lot of Jokers and although Warner Bros likes to reboot characters every five minutes, perhaps adding Jeff Goldblum to the mix would be a stretch too far, but, never say never.

When Heath Ledger and Christian Bale were trading blows in The Dark Knight, it would have seemed crazy that in just over a decade’s time there’d be two more live-action Batmen, three more live-action Jokers, let alone the return of Michael Keaton. The world of comic book movies is well and truly a crazy place, yet wonderful all the same. 

Of course, merely retracing the Jokers of the past few years goes some way to discredit the iconic portrayals of yesteryear (the Jeff Goldblum reference aside). Jack Nicholson donned the purple and green in Tim Burton’s Batman, before him there was Cesar Romero setting the foundations for Jokers to come and then there’s Mark Hamill, the undisputed goat of Joker voice portrayals in Batman: The Animated Series plus various other videogames and animated movies. The history of film and television is rich with fantastic Jokers and Jeff Goldblum’s Instagram tease may just well have fans asking for one more iconic take on one of cinema’s most popular villains.