The Jason Segel Sci-Fi Movie Streaming On Netflix That Will Make You Question Everything

By Steven Nelson | Updated

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What would happen to the world if someone actually proved the afterlife was real? While it might make a lot of things “easier” there would be a significant downside as well. That’s the case In the enigmatic sci-fi drama The Discovery streaming on Netflix in which Jason Segel takes on the role of Will Harbor, a neuroscientist haunted by the implications of his groundbreaking research. 

This thought-provoking film by director Charlie McDowell delves into the realms of life, death, and the afterlife, with its mind-bending narrative. While Jason Segel made his acting bones early and often on the comedy front, this flick does diverge well from that, something that’s been the case more recently in his career. 

The Discovery is set in a world where Jason Segel’s character has proven an afterlife exists

Set in a world where scientific evidence supports the existence of an afterlife, society grapples with the implications of this discovery. The film follows Jason Segel in Will Harbor’s journey as he navigates the moral and existential complexities of his findings.

As he wrestles with the consequences of his research on human behavior and the understanding of what lies beyond, The Discovery immerses viewers in a somewhat introspective exploration of the human psyche.

Rooney Mara and Jason Segel in The Discovery

The film not only poses intriguing philosophical questions but also attempts to weave a love story between Will and Isla (played by Rooney Mara), a woman he meets on his quest for answers.

Their connection is going for emotional depth to the narrative, grounding the film while everyone in the background kind of goes off the rails. That’s because in the background there’s always this risk that someone might decide to book a one-way ticket to the afterlife a little earlier than expected.

Upon its release, The Discovery received mixed reviews from critics. While some praised the film’s ambitious and thought-provoking premise, others felt that the execution fell short of its potential. It’s sitting at 46 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

Nonetheless, the film’s ability to provoke discussions and contemplation on profound themes struck a chord with many viewers. It’s worth rounding back on from that perspective.

At its core, The Discovery prompts audiences to ponder the nature of existence, the consequences of scientific exploration, and the intangible mysteries of life and death. From that perspective, Jason Segel’s portrayal of Will Harbor contributes to the film’s emotional resonance, capturing the character’s internal turmoil and intellectual curiosity.

Beyond Segel’s performance, The Discovery thrives on its captivating plot and its ability to challenge the boundaries of traditional sci-fi narratives. With its mind-bending twists and compelling exploration of the human condition, the film leaves a moderately lasting impression, encouraging viewers to reflect on the mysteries of life and the potential ramifications of this kind of scientific discovery. Jason Segel kind of does get you thinking there, and it isn’t about a vampire puppet musical.

Jason Segel Was First Known For His Comedy

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Jason Segel as Marshall Eriksen

Segel first captured the audience’s hearts with his breakout role as Marshall Eriksen in the beloved sitcom How I Met Your Mother. His portrayal of the lovable and endearing Marshall showcased his comedic timing and warm on-screen presence, earning him widespread recognition and a loyal fan base.

Beyond television, Segel made a seamless transition to the big screen, showcasing his writing and acting talents in the critically acclaimed comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008). The film, which he also wrote, displayed his ability to infuse humor with genuine emotion, solidifying his status as a leading figure in comedic films.

In addition to his comedic prowess, Segel has ventured into dramatic roles, showcasing his depth and versatility as an actor. He delivered a heartfelt and poignant performance in The End of the Tour (2015), earning critical praise for his portrayal of author David Foster Wallace.

Segel’s career has been defined by his willingness to explore new creative avenues. He has embraced challenges, taking on complex characters and stepping behind the camera as a writer and producer. His creativity and passion for storytelling have led him to be involved in a wide range of projects, from heartfelt dramas to hilarious comedies.

Jason Segel has an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for his role in Shrinking

In more recent years, Jason Segel has taken on more layered roles, sometimes even experimenting with the line between comedy and pathos. Even going beyond in some parts. Recently, his series Shrinking which co-stars Harrison Ford, had Segel as a therapist with some unconventional ways to go about the practice. It’s been a critically acclaimed hit, earning Jason Segel an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.

With each new endeavor, Jason Segel continues to impress audiences and industry peers alike with his dedication to his craft and his ability to bring authenticity to his roles.

As he continues to evolve as an actor and filmmaker, his contributions to the entertainment world remain both enduring and exciting. With this in mind, it’s worth checking in on his work in The Discovery streaming on Netflix.