James Gunn Is Working On A New Wonder Woman Project, Gal Gadot Is Back?

James Gunn shared on Twitter that a Wonder Woman animated series is being worked on, featuring the Amazon and her extensive support cast from the comics.

By Sean Thiessen | Updated

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman fans are gearing up for Gal Gadot‘s cameo in Shazam! Fury of the Gods this weekend, and possibly again this summer in The Flash. After that, the actress’s fate in the role is murky, but DC Studios boss James Gunn has been adamant that Wonder Woman will return sooner than later. Gunn doubled down on that sentiment in a new tweet, teasing that a new Wonder Woman animated series is on the way.

A fan tweeted that the rich catalog of Wonder Woman history and characters has barely been scratched in screen adaptations, punctuating the point with #WonderWomanAnimatedSeries. James Gunn then replied, “Agreed. We’re working on it.” Gunn has been vocal about prioritizing Wonder Woman in the DCU but has withheld details.

Speculation began immediately, with one user writing that an animated series is not in the works, but the DC team is instead “expanding the mythos” with shows like Themyscira origin series, Paradise Lost. Gunn corrected the notion, replying, “No we’re working on getting Wonder Woman into more animation. I agree that there hasn’t been enough of her in that area and was one of the first things I brought up to the animation folks.”

When James Gunn and DC Studio co-CEO Peter Safran unveiled the new DCU slate, a Wonder Woman return was not on the docket. Gunn has since revealed that the announcement was just the tip of the iceberg, indicating that their first chapter of the DCU, “Gods and Monsters,” will be much larger than fans initially anticipated.

A Wonder Woman animated series would be a landmark addition to the new DCU lineup. The character has appeared in several animated iterations when the Justice League is involved, with only a handful of animated solo outings to her name — nowhere near the number of animated appearances Batman and Superman have.

James Gunn kicked up even more dust on Twitter, engaging with fans and liking Tweets that rattled off the myriad possibilities the developing show could explore. The show has a lot of on-screen potential, but it could also be a perfect forum for female creatives behind the scenes. Gunn liked a tweet by longtime Wonder Woman comics writer Gail Simone, who made her case to join the project.

A solo animated series could be a game-changer for the immensely popular character. James Gunn also hinted that he expects the DCU to weave between animation and live-action, using the same cast members for both mediums. That leads back to the key question: if there will be a Wonder Woman animated series, who will play her?

Many Wonder Woman replacements have been floated around by fans, including Zendaya, Alexandra Daddario, and Ana de Armas. Of course, there is always the chance that Gal Gadot will return. At this point, it is all speculation. Gunn has been clear that the new DCU projects are still in the early stages.

For James Gunn, Wonder Woman seems nearly as high a priority as Superman. It seems she may be an even higher priority for DC fans. Wonder Woman is a hero that has inspired for generations, and according to James Gunn, she isn’t going anywhere.