Hugh Jackman Appearing In Deadpool 3?

Could Hugh Jackman be returning as Wolverine in Deadpool 3? The actor posted a picture on Monday that has fans speculating.

By Doug Norrie | Published

hugh jackman wolverine

Of all the highly-anticipated movies coming in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, none might have more hype and excitement than when Ryan Reynolds makes his first appearance in the MCU in Deadpool 3. The first movie for the Merc with the Mouth in this universe could upend see of what Marvel has been doing and there’s been rampant speculation around who could actually show up on the big screen in this film. And now, Hugh Jackman has added some fuel to the fire by posting some images that would very much seem like he is taking part in the film, maybe reprising his role as Wolverine

The photo of Hugh Jackman (via CBR), in some ways, is proof that just about anything on social media can be turned into something that fits fans’ narratives around casting. In this sense, and in this ecosystem, it doesn’t often take much to light a bit of a fire where an actor’s or actress’s roles are concerned. The Hugh Jackman post is proof of that. The photo he shared is of himself looking at his own phone and staring at it in disbelief. How did fans interpret this? By assuming this was “word” of him realizing he was in Deadpool 3. Check out the photo and see if you have the same reaction as everyone else.

The comments to the Hugh Jackman Twitter post tell pretty much the whole story with fans flooding in to see if this was the actor confirming a Deadpool 3 sighting. Jackman didn’t make any other comments about it, though it’s hard to imagine he didn’t know what he was stirring up with this kind of addition on social media. Whether he actually makes his way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe either as Wolverine/ Logan or as just a cameo remains to be seen. But considering Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool first came on the screen in the Jackman movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine this would at least be a fitting bookend to the movie stories for the two characters.

One of the reasons behind the mysteries involving Deadpool 3 casting beyond just Ryan Reynolds returning as the titular character is that Marvel and Reynolds have been incredibly tight-lipped about the plan ever since it was announced they would have a new movie coming in this universe. Considering the MCU has been slow to bring in the X-Men, beyond a cameo here or there, some have speculated that the next Deadpool movie would be a prime place to do it. We had a Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier one-off in Doctor Strange 2 and something similar could be in store for Hugh Jackman this time around.

With director Shawn Levy already saying he’d want to work with both Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman on a film, and having already worked separately with both on flicks like Free Guy and The Adam Project as well as Real Steel, it seems very possible this could be the case with Deadpool 3. But it still remains to be seen how exactly Marvel wants to take this movie forward and details about the next film are few and far between right now.