Henry Cavill Just Shot Superman Return For This Upcoming DC Movie

Henry Cavill may be back as Superman for at least one more appearance in a very major upcoming DCEU film.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

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Henry Cavill superman

The question of whether Henry Cavill will be returning to the DC Extended Universe to play Superman any time soon (or ever) has very much been up in the air as of late, but things may seem to be coming together at last. According to a report in Geekosity, Henry Cavill has filmed a scene as Superman and it will be out on October 21, which just happens to be the release date of Black Adam, the Dwayne Johnson vehicle that Warner Bros Picture desperately hopes will right the floundering, chaotic DCEU ship. There is not yet an official confirmation that Henry Cavill is back as Superman in any capacity, but we have already reported that the studio was, at least at one point, eager to get The Witcher back. 

According to Geekosity, the news of Henry Cavill back as Big Blue in the DCEU are courtesy of popular YouTuber Syl Abdul. Abdul claims that Henry Cavill will be wearing the blue suit that he wore in Man of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, rather than the black version that he wore in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. However, that does not guarantee any kind of retroactive changes to the DCEU, as Superman only wore the black and silver outfit briefly after the 1990s Reign of the Supermen arc that partially inspired the early narrative of the Snyderverse. If Warner Bros Pictures ever manages to get Henry Cavill to green-screen suit up to play electrical Superman Red and Superman Blue, now that will be a pretty big scoop. 

It has also been rumored for quite some time that Superman would be showing up in a post-credits scene in Black Adam, along with Viola Davis’ Amanda Waller. The idea seems to be that the Suicide Squad’s ruthless administrator is providing information to Superman as to the potential danger of Dwayne Johnson’s mystically empowered antihero to set up a conflict between the two of them. Dwayne Johnson himself has been pretty vocally on the record that he would like to see a Black Adam V Superman (Midday of Justice?) fight, but there is no word whether that might actually be happening soon. 

As we have noted before, Henry Cavill has said that he has one more appearance as Superman on his current contract. There is no way of knowing whether that contract has been updated or whether a Black Adam cameo will be the fulfillment of that deal and thus his final appearance, but there also have been reports of a different, younger Last Son of Krypton appearing in the continually delayed Flash movie. Since Henry Cavill currently has the immensely popular Witcher franchise on Netflix, a starring role as the most jacked Sherlock Holmes ever in Enola Holmes 2, and the lead part in the Matthew Vaughn spy thriller Argylle coming up, we can only wait and see if this is his final round as Superman.