Henry Cavill Has Found A Way To Be The Next James Bond Without Being James Bond?

Did Henry Cavill figure out a way to be James Bond without actually ever getting the role of 007? He might be in for a similar part

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Henry Cavill might not be getting to play James Bond, but the actor could be getting something close. We couldn’t let the dude just play every iconic role, could we? Though he might not be going the 007 route, there’s the possibility of something similar coming down the pike. Insider Daniel Richtman has it that there will soon be an announcement of a James Bond-like franchise being developed for Cavill, putting him in the starring role. 

Again, there are no firm details on what this role or franchise will be, but there’s been industry sentiment that Henry Cavill was angling to get the role of James Bond in the past. Previous rumors had him wanting to first do a similar type of movie to show that he could pull off the part and then later, he could transition into martinis shaken, not stirred. Could this be the first domino to fall? Or is he moving on from the idea of a Bond role and instead just starting to focus on a new franchise? It’s a bit early to tell. 

With Daniel Craig about to leave the James Bond role for good after the next film, there’s been increased speculation about who will take up the part in the next, eventual iteration of the character. A number of different people have been rumored to be in consideration, Henry Cavill one of them. But this latest rumor, with Cavill just taking a Bond-like franchise and running with it could be the next best thing. We’ve seen him play a number of different roles, but one of the closest proxies was his August Walker character from Mission: Impossible – Fallout. Though he ended up being on the wrong side of Ethan Hunt in the end, he definitely cut the cloth as an international espionage type of dude. 

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While we wait to hear what this next project for Henry Cavill might be, the guy has more than a few other franchises to worry about for the time being. First and foremost is figuring out where he lands in the DC Extended Universe. Coming off of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, there’s been will-they-won’t-they speculation about whether Cavill returns. He won’t be in the next J.J. Abrams/ Ta-Nehisi Coates version of the character, that’s for certain. But is there still a place for him in DC? That remains to be seen. There’s been no firm commitment either way on what will happen with his character. 

But that might be neither here nor there for Henry Cavill. He’s just wrapped up filming for Netflix’s The Witcher which is entering its second season. As Geralt of Rivia, Cavill has the lead in one of the streaming platform’s most popular offerings. This next season is set to expand the world even more. And he’s also gearing up for a bigger role in the platform’s Enola Holmes franchise. Playing Sherlock Holmes, the brother to the titular character played by Millie Bobby Brown, there are more movies coming for that one as well. 

And don’t forget that Henry Cavill will also be The Highlander when that story is eventually rebooted. These are all high-profile and popular offerings for the talented actor. Could he be adding a James Bond-like role to the resume sooner than later? It could be the case with possible word coming about the details.