Henry Cavill Has A Plan To Prove He’s James Bond Material?

By Doug Norrie | Published

henry cavill

Henry Cavill has already proven he can lead franchises as major and even iconic characters. If the returns on the superhero piece haven’t totally been there, it’s tough to blame the guy considering some of the scripts he was dealing with. His time as Superman, from an acting perspective, has been solid. And he’s joining and spearheading some other franchises as well. Could these and some other future projects be gearing him up for another iconic role? Insider Daniel Richtman is saying as much, throwing it out there that Henry Cavill wants to prove to the studio that he can be the next James Bond. And he has a plan to do it.

According to Richtman, Henry Cavill getting this role is actually a two-pronged approach with the final goal of playing 007. The first step is to take a part in a film that would have him playing someone in a similar capacity. This would be the testing grounds, a place to prove he was up to the task of playing Bond. The next step would be actually getting the role of his eminent spy-ness, he of the shaken not stirred martinis, cool gadgets, and casanova lothario attitude. 

henry cavill

Going after the James Bond role is now is probably prudent and I’m sure Henry Cavill isn’t the only one either in the running or vying for the part. With the sale of MGM properties to Amazon in a major media content deal, one of the franchises that went over to the tech giant was James Bond. And it looks like, from the Giant Freakin Robot exclusive, that their plan is to create an entire cinematic universe around the character. In the past, we’d seen loose threads, recurring characters, and a general timeline. But often the films were of the standalone variety. It looks like that’s set to change moving forward. 

If there’s a close proxy for what Henry Cavill would be like as James Bond, it might be close to his August Walker character from Mission: Impossible – Fallout. Sure, he ended up being the bad guy there, but not after we saw him with plenty of fighting and espionage skills on the big screen.

Whether it comes to fruition that Henry Cavill sees this plan through and actually becomes James Bond remains to be seen. He’s got plenty going on these days to keep him more than a little busy for the foreseeable future. For starters, he’s signed on to continue playing Sherlock Holmes in future Enola Holmes films on Netflix. The streaming platform is apparently going to increase his role in the next movie alongside Millie Bobby Brown as the titular character. 

Plus Henry Cavill has The Witcher about to enter its second season on Netflix as well. That fantasy franchise enjoyed one of the best openings ever for the streaming platform and they’ve just recently wrapped up filming the second season. And don’t forget that Cavill has also booked to play the next Highlander when they reboot that franchise. He’ll bring back the timeless fighter for a new franchise that is sure to expand that world. 

And finally, who could forget about Henry Cavill as Superman? The future of that character is less clear where Cavill is concerned. There are near-daily rumors about his status in the DC Extended Universe and how they’ll move the Justice Leaguers forward. Superman is going to get a new movie soon from Warner Bros. but that will be in a different universe and will have a black actor in the lead. Robert Pattinson’s Batman is going to get a Superman in his life as well, but that won’t be Cavill. Whether Cavill ever return to the blue tights and red cape remains to be seen. 

But James Bond? Now that does seem like a part Henry Cavill can bring home. He has the on-screen stoicism, rugged charm, and ability to command the big moment. If that’s not James Bond then I don’t know who is.