Henry Cavill Being Ignored By Warner Bros.?

Apparently, Henry Cavill is frustrated about being ignored by Warner Bros. Could this be the end of the relationship between the two?

By Doug Norrie | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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At some point, the drama between Henry Cavill and Warner Bros will subside and we will have a final determination about where he stands in the DC Extended Universe. This isn’t that day. According to the latest rumor via insider Daniel Richtman, Cavill is upset with the studio because of their radio silence around his future as Superman. It’s an interesting situation to say the least and one that appears to still be without anything close to a resolution. 

This Richtman rumor is just another layer in the case of Henry Cavill and whether he will ever end up back with the DC Extended Universe as Superman. This has been a constant source of speculation among comic book fans, as well as apparently the actor and studio themselves. If this latest rumor is, in fact, accurate then there are clearly lines of miscommunication happening here, if not a freeze-out altogether. 

What it means for an actor and A-lister like Henry Cavill to be ignored by a studio like Warner Bros. could take a number of different forms. It could be related to where his character of Superman now stands within the DC Extended Universe. As of right now, that looks anything but resolved and it remains unclear if there is even an actual plan. With no word on that front about how/ if Cavill’s Superman will appear in future films there might be internal conflict at Warner Bros. about how to proceed. Most other Justice Leaguers seem to have something of a roadmap for the short-term, at least, with upcoming movies, but not Cavill. 

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There also could be a stonewalling by the studio if they feel like Henry Cavill isn’t amenable to a reduced role in the DC Extended Universe going forward. With Cavill so closely tied to the style of Zack Snyder, both in Man of Steel and Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the studio could be looking to phase out that particular style and just have Cavill appear in some cameos here and there to reset the tone. Considering he didn’t want to do this for Shazam! a couple of years ago, forcing the studio to go waist down with the “cameo”, there might not be a theme of playing ball with the studio. 

Whatever the real story is around Henry Cavill and Warner Bros. might be anyone’s guess. What’s for sure is that we are in an in-between right now. There’s been no official word that they are moving on from him, but he hasn’t been cast in anything either. We know they are resetting the character in another form with the JJ Abrams/ Ta-Nehisi Coates version in a couple of years, but that doesn’t mean Cavill is out. We’ve seen the same character exist in multiple iterations. Bless the Multiverse for this. 

Whether Henry Cavill actually ever re-enters the DC fold is still up in the air. Next up for the actor is a second season of The Witcher on Netflix as well as Enola Holmes 2 which is also on the streaming platform. Plus, there’s a reboot of Highlander coming as well. And don’t forget that lately, we’ve been hearing rumblings that he’s going to step into a James Bond-like franchise as the lead. So he’s plenty busy for now.