Henry Cavill Has Decided How Long He’ll Stick With The Witcher?

A new rumor says Henry Cavill has made plans with Netflix for how long he'll play Geralt.

By Faith McKay | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

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Just how many seasons of The Witcher do audiences want to see? So far, we only have one season. In many ways, it could be argued that no one can say how long the show will continue to impress audiences. On the flip side, when many fans fall in love, it’s for life. How often do people continue to watch television series or movies in franchises that they once fell in love with, even after the project went in a direction they didn’t enjoy anymore? As one of Netflix’s biggest hits, The Witcher is set up to continue on the streamer for a long time, if the stars of the show were to want to continue. And for Henry Cavill, it sounds like he’s pretty good with continuing on for a while.

According to sources for We Got This Covered, Henry Cavill has a deal for five more seasons on The Witcher. So far, we’ve only seen one season, but season two is already filming. The outlet didn’t specify whether five more seasons meant five additional seasons on top of the two he’s already fully committed to, meaning seven total seasons, or if the five-season deal they’re claiming to hear about is on top of the only season we’ve seen so far.

Whatever the case, that is a big commitment on Henry Cavill’s side, if the rumor proves true. It was previously reported that the actor, who has played Superman in several major productions for DC, earned $400,000 per episode for The Witcher. That’s a fair amount of money. For the first season, he earned around $3.2 million by those figures. We can only assume that he’s making a great deal more than that for season two after the huge rating success for The Witcher season one. That would have also given Henry Cavill leverage for a five-season deal, which may have made sense for him. However, there are other factors to consider.

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Henry Cavill must have wondered if he’d be able to get a better deal for future seasons after The Witcher season two plays on the streaming service. After all, if the season sees similar success, couldn’t he be paid more in the future? There’s also the issue of Cavill’s long-term career, time commitments, and ambitions. Recently, the actor signed on for a Highlander reboot that we’re only just starting to hear about.

There has been a lot of conversation that suggests Cavill has big ambitions. Most believe that if given the opportunity, he’ll want to play Superman in more DC films. It’s realistic to believe he’ll want to join even more franchises as we move forward. Does Henry Cavill want to be tied to a five-season deal when he doesn’t know how things will go for the show in the future? It is one of Netflix’s biggest hits, but every time an actor says yes to one thing, they’re saying no to others. A series takes up a lot of time.

For fans of The Witcher, this rumor likely holds a lot of promise. Even if in time we learn that Henry Cavill has other plans, audiences can at least take comfort knowing that other spinoff series are coming. More news about The Witcher: Blood Origin, a prequel series set in the distant past, is expected to be released soon. And in the coming weeks, we’ll probably get more information on season two of Henry Cavill’s series. If all else fails, Netflix definitely has that coming soon.